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Dealing With Difficult Doctors and Doctors Who Don't Listen

How Thyroid Patients Can Communicate and Deal with Difficult Doctors


Updated July 08, 2010

Empowered thyroid patients develop skills better communicate with doctors and manage difficult pract

Empowered thyroid patients develop skills to better communicate with doctors and manage difficult practitioners.

Thyroid patients face the challenge of finding, communicating with, and having an effective relationship with doctors and other healthcare practitioners. With a chronic condition like thyroid disease, the doctor-patient relationship and how well thyroid patients can communicate and deal with doctors -- including difficult doctors -- have an especially crucial impact on the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. This means that empowered thyroid patients need skills to effectively communicate and deal with doctors, resolve problems and complaints, and recognize when it's time to replace a difficult doctor with a new practitioner.

Effective Patient-Doctor Communications

With shorter doctor visits than ever before, insurance companies and HMOs controlling care from behind the scenes, and patients researching more information online, effective communications between thyroid patients and practitioners has become even more crucial. About.com’s Patient Empowerment guide Trisha Torrey provides useful guidelines on the key elements of good communication -- respect for each other, and the ability to manage expectations – in How to Communicate With Your Doctor .

Many chronic disease sufferers, thyroid and autoimmune disease patients in particular, spend quite a bit of time researching health and medical information to help get diagnosed and properly treated. But what you do with that information, and how you present it to your doctor, can make or break your relationship. Read Sharing Internet Information With Your Doctor for some helpful guidelines.

In particular, thyroid patients want to be careful to research health information carefully, but not overwhelm practitioners with papers, printouts and medical information from the Internet.

Dealing With Difficult Doctors

If things are already problematic with a physician, it's may be necessary to do some damage control. To help, read: How to Repair Your Relationship With Your Doctor.

What if your doctor is more Dr. House and less Marcus Welby? Trisha Torrey says there actually may be some things you can do to help improve the relationship, and explains it all in How to Improve a Doctor's Bedside Manner.

Sometimes, a doctor not only has a difficult bedside manner, but is generally difficult. Thyroid patients may not want to put up with the personality of an especially difficult doctor. But if the doctor's talents outweigh the overbearing attitude, you'll want to read How to Deal with an Arrogant Doctor, which also includes Trisha Torrey's helpful tips on how to develop a constructive working relationship with an especially difficult doctor.

Sometimes, however, it's necessary to complain about or to the doctor. Trisha Torrey helps you decide if it’s the right time to complain to your doctor. And if you do decide to complain, you'll want to map out a strategy, by reading How to Complain or Provide Feedback to Your Doctor: The Right Approach Will Improve Your Chance of Being Heard.

When It's Time to Change Doctors

For thyroid patients, one problematic issue is that some doctors seem especially threatened by knowledgeable, empowered thyroid patients. Patients dealing with that sort of doctor often find it necessary to find a new practitioner. Being insecure is only one factor that may signal the need for a new practitioner. There are actually 10 Signs That You Need a New Thyroid Doctor. Thyroid patients themselves have shared dozens of their own personal stories and experiences, at How Do You Know When It's Time for a New Thyroid Doctor?

Finally, sometimes, no matter how hard a patient tries, effective communication with a healthcare practitioner is simply impossible. Trisha Torrey takes a more in-depth look at the important question: Is It Time to Change Doctors?.

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