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Find Top Thyroid Doctors, Learning From and Dealing With Doctors

Finding a terrific doctor to treat your thyroid disease is an essential part of your effort to live well. Here, you'll find the best resources to help you in your search for the best thyroid doctors. Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon will help you find information so you can learn from and deal effectively with doctors, and enjoy the best possible outcome for your thyroid disease.
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Stories of Thyroid Doctors, Endocrinologists, Thyroidologists Who Are…
It's no secret that to get properly diagnosed and treated, some thyroid patients must become educated, informed, and empowered with their doctors, endocrinologists and thyroidologists. Thyroid patients share their stories of doctors who were threatened by knowledgeable patients, and did not want them to be advocates for themselves, as well as practitioners who were comfortable partnering with emp…

10 Things to Know About Thyroid Doctors
A look at ten things to know about thyroid doctors, endocrinologists, and practitioners who provide care for thyroid patients.

Not all doctors are McDreamy or McSteamy. Here's a l look at five types of doctors to avoid at all costs.

The Thyroid Doctor-Patient Relationship: Controversies and Questions
Getting the best possible treatment from thyroid practitioners requires a relationship, and effective two-way communications.

Dear Doctor
Dear Doctor: A Letter Thyroid Patients Would Send to Doctors, Outlining Typical Complaints in the Patient-Doctor Relationship

Five Things Thyroid Patients Should Never Say to the Doctor
Thyroid patients know that communicating with their doctors can sometimes be challenging. With busy doctors rushing from appointment to appointment, short appointments, and differing perspectives on what constitutes good thyroid care, conversations can be unproductive or even frustrating. Here are five things that thyroid patients should avoid...

Why Some Doctors Are Threatened by Knowledgeable, Empowered Thyroid Patients
Why are some doctors so threatened by empowered and knowledgeable thyroid patients? Why do some endocrinologists and thyroidologists target patient advocate and thyroid guide Mary Shomon, or say that she's crazy, or too alternative? The answer is, she's making more work for them, because patients are now demanding proper thyroid diagnosis and...

Five Reasons Your Poor Thyroid Health Could Be Your Fault
thyroid patients, thyroid doctors, doctors, natural thyroid, radioactive iodine, weight gain, empowered patients, thyroid medication, goitrogens, soy, celiac, gluten

The Two Thyroid Camps: An Editorial
A look at the two camps in thyroid disease today -- the conventional, Easy to Diagnose, Easy to Treat approach of endocrinology, and the One Size Doesn't Fit All approach of integrative and holistic practitioners.

Living Well With Thyroid Disease: Some Tips
A series of otips to help thyroid patients live well with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and other thyroid conditions

A Thyroid Patient Tribute to House, MD
A thyroid-oriented tribute to the medical drama House, MD, which included thyroid, autoimmune and endocrine diseases during its eight-year run.

Long Term Weight Loss for Thyroid Patients: Hormonal Factors That Affect Diets
People with thyroid conditions or hypothyroidism can find it difficult or nearly impossible to lose weight, due to a number of factors, including leptin resistance, elevated reverse T3, insulin resistance, thyroid resistance, and other hormonal imbalances. Dr. Kent Holtorf discusses the use of diabetes drugs Byetta, Symlin, and glucophage /...

Thyroid Patients Share Their Stories and Thoughts on Things They Should Never...
We've all heard recommendations about how to communicate positively and proactively with our physicians. Many thyroid patients have, however, learned the hard way that there are things you should never say to a doctor. Have you ever said anything to a doctor that you regretted? Have you learned to avoid saying or talking about certain things...

An Interview With My Doctor: Kate Lemmerman, MD
Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon interviews the doctor who provides her thyroid care, integrative physician Kate Lemmerman, MD, of Steinmetz Medical Associates in Alexandria, Va. Lemmerman shares her philosophies about thyroid care and how patients can ensure the best possible thyroid care.

The 10 Things a Thyroid Patient Should Never Do
If you have a thyroid condition, you'll want to do everything you can to take good care of yourself, and do whatever possible to stay healthy, and on top of your condition. We often hear about the things that we should do, but here are ten things a thyroid patient should never do.

How Do You Know That It's Time for a New Thyroid Doctor? Thyroid pati…
As a thyroid patient, how do you know when it's time for a new thyroid doctor? What are the general signs -- or the final straw -- that make it clear that it's time to find a new practitioner to care for your thyroid condition? Thyroid patients share their thoughts and experiences.

What is an Osteopath?
What is an osteopath? Are osteopathic physicians doctors? How do they differ from an MD? Can they prescribe medication, and treat thyroid disease? Find out about osteopathic physicians -- known as DOs -- now.

10 Signs That You Need a New Doctor
How do you know when it's time to send your doctor packing, and find a new one? Here are 10 signs that you need a new doctor, from Mary Shomon, Thyroid Guide, patient advocate and author of a number of books and guides on thyroid disease and autoimmune disease

The Shortage of Endocrinologists and Its Impact on Thyroid Patients
A look at the shortage of endocrinologists in the United States, and its impact on diagnosis, treatment and care of thyroid patients.

Are You a Doctor-Hopper?
Are you going from doctor to doctor, each time hoping that the next one will be better? While a new doctor may be just what you need to get well, hopping from one practitioner to the next may actually work against you in your quest for better health. Find out if doctor-hopping is getting in the way of good health.

Are You an Empowered Patient...or a Pain in the Neck?
Are You an Empowered Patient...or a Pain in the Neck? Can you carry being an empowered patient too far? Instead of an empowered patient, are you actually a pain in the neck? Thyroid guide Mary Shomon asks, are you making common mistakes that can sabotage your efforts to get great health care?

Top Thyroid Doctor Forum
An interactive forum to exchange information about good doctors to treat thyroid disease around the world.

When Thyroid Patients Need to Fight Health Insurance Companies
When a health insurer or insurance company denies coverage or refuses to pay for particular doctors, tests, medications, and treatments, what can thyroid patients do? Learn about why insurers refuse payment, and what an empowered patient can do to be a savvy healthcare consumer.

How Thyroid Patients Can Save Money on Prescription Drugs
Thyroid patients can save money on prescription drugs, and save on the high costs of medications, with use of generic drugs, prescription assistance programs, and discount drug cards.

When Your Doctor Isn't Listening: What's a Thyroid Patient to Do?
How thyroid patients can improve communications with physicians and practitioners, achieve better doctor-patient communications, and deal with difficult doctors.

The Thyroid Top Doc Directory
A site featuring state-by-state and international Top Doc listings, plus tips on how to find a top doc.

Thyroid Patients: When It's Time for a Second Opinion
Many people with thyroid disease are diagnosed and treated by primary care doctors and general practitioners. When more complicated thyroid situations develop – such as suspicious thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, enlarged thyroid (goiter), Graves' disease, or thyroid surgery is recommended, a second opinion is important. Here are considerations regarding when and how to get a second opinion, a…

Resources, Support and Advice for Empowered Thyroid Patients
One of the important ways thyroid patients get and stay well is to be empowered. Being an empowered thyroid patient means knowing how and when to fight health insurance companies that deny tests, treatments and drugs; knowing how to save money on prescription drugs and medications; effectively communicating with and dealing with doctors including difficult or arrogant doctors; knowing how and whe…

Thyroid Patients: Why You May Need a Cash Practice Doctor
Thyroid patients may need to consider going out of their HMO or health insurance to see a cash practice doctor, in order to get better diagnosis and treatment.

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