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National Depression Screening Day: Thursday October 6, 2005


Updated January 28, 2012

Updated January 28, 2012
October 6, 2005 -- Today is National Depression Screening Day, an annual observance to educate the public on mental health issues and help individuals identify symptoms of depression and other mental health problems.

Depression is more common in thyroid patients than the general public, and often, even with treatment, patients continue to suffer debilitating symptoms of depression. This is why it's particularly important for thyroid patients to be aware of depression and its symptoms, and be evaluated if there is any evidence of depression.

Start by taking a simple Depression Self-Quiz to help evaluate whether or not you may be depressed.

Today, October 6, 2005, you can get a free professional depression screening at locations around the country. State-by-state listings are featured here.


According to Michael Faenza, President and CEO of the National Mental Health Association (NMHA), "Depression Screening Day offers us a unique opportunity for NMHA and its affiliates to reach even more people in their communities through voluntary, confidential and free screenings. With the right resources and information, we can help prevent mental health problems in individuals impacted by these disasters so they can focus on rebuilding their lives."

Marked by persistent sadness, sleep and appetite changes, restlessness, irritability, physical complaints, fatigue, feelings of guilt, hopelessness and even thoughts of suicide, 19 million Americans experience depression each year. And, despite an 80 percent success rate, only half of those who could benefit for help, including counseling and medical treatment, receive any.

About.com has extensive and excellent information on depression, available at our Other About.com health sites also feature excellent topic-specific information on depression.

The NMHA has also developed resources that hundreds of mental health associations across the nation will share with their community members on National Depression Screening Day. Just a few of their many resources include:

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