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Coconut Oil and the Thyroid

Information, links and differing opinions on whether coconut oil is a help for thyroid disease, metabolism and weight loss.

Is Coconut Oil Really a Thyroid Cure? No
Here's the article that started it all in motion here at the site. Dr. Ken Woliner reviews the Woman's World "Thyroid Cure" article and offers his thoughts as to whether or not coconut oil truly can function as both a thyroid cure and weight loss aid.

Editorial: Controversy Over Diagnosing Hypothyroidism
A look at the controversy over endocrinologist Dr. Jeffrey Brown's diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism in elite and Olympic runners, including commentary from thyroid experts Doctors Kent Holtorf, David Borenstein and Richard Shames.

Dr. Bruce Fife's Positive Review of Coconut Oil
One of the nation's leading experts on coconut oil, and author of several books on the topic, Dr. Bruce Fife offers the positive perspective on coconut oil, suggesting that it can have positive benefits on both the thyroid and weight. Find out more from a coconut oil advocate.

Dr. Woliner's Comments to Dr. Bruce Fife
Dr. Woliner's not convinced on the issue, and offers his analysis of Dr. Fife's argument in favor of coconut oil. Find out why Dr. Woliner still doesn't believe the claims that coconut oil can help thyroid or weight problems.

Woman's World "New Thyroid Cure"
A recap of the Woman’s World article.

The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil
Information about "The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil," a book by nutritionist Bruce Fife, ND, CN, that proposes that the fatty acids in coconut oil can help heal thyroid conditions.

A New Look at Coconut Oil -- Weston Price Foundation
This nutritional foundation offers a positive viewpoint on coconut oil.

Dr. Raymond Peat: Renowned Nutritional Counselor
An interview with Dr. Peat dicusses his thoughts about thyroid disease and fats, including coconut oil.

Effects of Coconut Oil on Cholesterol
A review of the effects of coconut oil on cholesterol, from nutrition writer, Mary Enig, PhD.

Journal of Nutrition Research on MCTs and Fats
This article discusses some of the positive benefits that might be seen with substituting coconut oil for other fats.

Thyroid Health: A Key to Weight Loss
Nutritionist Cherie Calbom, M.S. wrote this review of coconut oil and its possible effects on weight loss and the thyroid. The article is featured at a Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil-sponsored website.

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