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Thyroid Surgery / Thyroidectomy

Comprehensive Resources


Updated June 09, 2014

Thyroid surgery is frequently used to treat thyroid cancer and is sometimes the preferred approach to dealing with goiter, nodules or an overactive thyroid. Here are comprehensive resources regarding thyroid surgery — known as thyroidectomy — including reasons for thyroid surgery, choosing a surgeon, types of thyroid surgery, anesthesia for thyroid surgery, endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive thyroid surgery, surgery complications and recuperation.

1. Thyroid Surgery and Thyroidectomy: An In-Depth Look


An in-depth look at thyroid surgery/thyroidectomy, including the reasons for thyroid surgery, choosing a surgeon, types of thyroid surgery, anesthesia, endoscopic surgery, complications and recuperation.

2. Thyroid Surgery and Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy: What You Need to Know

What should a thyroid patient expect before, during and after the thyroid biopsy procedure known as fine needle aspiration, or FNA? What about a thyroid surgery? What is it like, first-hand from thyroid patients who've been through it? Share your story about FNA and/or thyroid surgery, and read other thyroid patients' accounts of their own experiences with thyroid biopsy or thyroidectomy.

3. Finding a Top Thyroid Surgeon

Thyroid surgery is not very common, so it is important that you find a surgeon who is experienced in the procedure. This article offers guidelines on choosing a thyroid surgeon, and various sources for locating top thyroid surgeons.

4. Outpatient Thyroid Surgery

This article presents results of a study that looked at the safety of outpatient thyroid surgery and whether it is preferable to traditional inpatient hospital stays.

5. Complications After Thyroid Surgery

This article looks at complications that can occur after thyroid surgery, including hypoparathyroidism, hypocalcemia and laryngeal nerve damage.

6. Recuperating After Thyroid Surgery: What to Expect

A look at what thyroid patients can expect in the recuperation period after thyroid surgery/thyroidectomy.

7. Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Patient Photos and Stories

Have you ever wondered what a thyroid surgery scar looked like just a few days after surgery? A month later? Or more? Here is an opportunity to share your own photos and stories about your thyroidectomy scar, and see post-surgery photos and read stories from other thyroid patients.

8. Outpatient Laser Surgery for Benign Thyroid Nodules

Outpatient laser surgery may soon become a common treatment for benign thyroid nodules.

9. Endoscopic Axillary Underarm Thyroidectomy

Endoscopic axillary underarm thyroidectomy is a surgical technique in which partial thyroidectomy is performed with no neck incision or scarring. The state-of-the-art technique, "bloodless endoscopic axillary (underarm) thyroidectomy," requires no trauma to the neck, and does not risk the voice or laryngeal nerves.

10. Minimally Invasive/Small Incision Surgery

Information on Dr. David Terris' minimally invasive, small-incision approach to thyroid surgery, which leaves a smaller scar.

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