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Thyroid Cancer, Goiter, Enlarged Thyroid, Nodules and Other Conditions

Learn about thyroid conditions, including thyroid cancer, an enlarged thyroid known as a goiter, thyroid nodules and lumps, and other conditions that affect the thyroid. The information is assembled by thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.
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An Open Letter to Brooke Burke-Charvet And All Newly Diagnosed Thyroid Patients
An open letter to Dancing with the Stars' host Brooke Burke-Charvet, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Afirma Thyroid Analysis May Help Patients Avoid Unnecessary Thyroid Surgery
The Afirma Thyroid Analysis from Veracyte is a new testing process that can eliminate inconclusive or indeterminate results on thyroid nodules, and may help patients avoid unnecessary thyroid surgery.

Thyroid Surgery Without a Neck Scar
Thyroid Surgery Without a Neck Scar: Exploring Scarless Transaxillary Underarm Endoscopic Robotic Thyroid Surgery with Dr. Emad Kandil

Thyroid Surgery / Thyroidectomy
Thyroid surgery is frequently used to treat thyroid cancer, and is sometimes the preferred approach to dealing with goiter, nodules, or an overactive thyroid. Here are comprehensive resources regarding thyroid surgery -- known as thyroidectomy -- including reasons for thyroid surgery, choosing a surgeon, types of thyroid surgery, anesthesia for...

Roger Ebert: A Thyroid Cancer Patient to Remember
A remembrance of film critic and thyroid cancer patient Roger Ebert.

Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer in Pregnancy
A look at the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer in pregnancy, based on the Guidelines of the American Thyroid Association for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Information About Thyroid Cancer
Information on thyroid cancer statistics, diagnosis and evaluation, risks and symptoms, treatments, and support. Includes information on the key types of thyroid cancer: papillary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic.

Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your Photos and Stories
Thyroid patients often want so share with others what their thyroid surgery scars look like, because of the prominent location -- on the neck -- of these scars. Share photos of your thyroidectomy scars, and see what other people's scars look like. See submissions

Laryngeal Nerve
The laryngeal nerve is the section of the vagus nerve that splits into two branches at the larynx (the voice box). Damage to or paralysis of the laryngeal nerve can affect the larynx and result in damage to or loss of voice, and less commonly, difficulty breathing. Also called the recurrent laryngeal nerve.

Thyroid Surgery and Fine Needle Biopsy / Aspiration / FNA - Thyroid Patients...
Thyroid patients share their personal experiences with thyroid surgery / thyroidectomy, as well as fine needle aspiration / FNA biopsies of the thyroid gland.

Hypoparathyroidism is a condition where the parathyroid glands (four small glands located next to the thyroid gland) are underfunctioning, producing too little parathyroid hormone, known as parathormone, or PTH. A parathormone deficiency results in low blood calcium, and a condition called hypocalcemia. Hypoparathyroidism can be due to damage to the glands from thyroid or neck surgery, autoimmune disease, surgical removal of the parathyroids, or congenital.

New Thyroid Nodule Test May Help Eliminate Unnecessary Surgery
A new test for galectin-3 may help identify cancer in inconclusive thyroid nodules, and help prevent unnecessary thyroid surgery in some patients with thyroid nodules.

Outpatient Thyroid Surgery
Results of a study presented at the September 2006 American Academy of Otolaryngology annual meeting indicate that outpatient thyroid surgery is safe and effective for a select group of patients, and may be preferable to traditional inpatient hospital stays.

Thyroid Surgery, Without Even a Scratch on the Neck: Endoscopic Axillary ...
Report on the success of bloodless endoscopic axillary (underarm) thyroidectomy, a bloodless way to do partial thyroidectomy that requires no trauma to the neck, and does not risk the voice or laryngeal nerves.

Surgical Treatments for Multinodular Goiter Compared
thyroid surgery benign multinodular goiter bilateral subtotal thyroidectomy lobesthyroid near total thyroidectomy transient hypocalcaemia calcium transient recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy voice hypoparathyroidism

All About Thyroid Nodules, Lumps and Goiter
In-depth review featuring information you need to know about the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules, thyroid lumps, and the thyroid enlargement known as a goiter.

Thyroid Surgery: An Introduction
An article offering a detailed overview of what to expect from thyroid surgery, how to find a thyroid surgeon, and surgical followup.

Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies of the Thyroid - Q&A
Information about Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) for your thyroid nodule, featuring advice from an expert cytopathologist.

Second Opinions on Thyroid Nodules
An interview with Dr. Barry M. Shmookler, a surgical pathologist and founder of FindCancerExperts.com, discussing second opinions for potentially cancerous thyroid nodules.

An Introduction to Thyroid Cancer
A in-depth article providing a starting point for information about thyroid cancer.

How to Check Your Neck for Early Detection of Thyroid Disease
Millions of Americans have undiagnosed thyroid problems. To help with early detection, you can perform a simple self-exam. Checking your neck can in some cases help you find lumps or enlargements in the neck that may point to thyroid conditions, including nodules, goiter and thyroid cancer. Here is how to do a thyroid neck check.

Choosing a Surgeon
Important information on choosing a thyroid (and parathyroid) surgeon, from The Thyroid Center at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC.

Thyroid Cancer Patients: Why You Need to Own Your Cancer
An interview with surgeon and patient advocate, Peter Edelstein, MD, regarding why cancer patients, including thyroid cancer patients, need to own their cancer, and take charge of their cancer in order to not get lost in the cancer machine.

New Drug Helps Radioactive Iodine-Resistant Thyroid Cancer
A new drug, lenvatinib may help the 5 to 15 percent of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer who don't respond to radioactive iodine treatment

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