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Ten People to Follow on Twitter for Thyroid Information


Updated May 16, 2014

Ten People to Follow on Twitter for Thyroid Information

If you're on Twitter, there are some top groups and individuals you will want to follow for thyroid news, information and support.


Twitter -- you either love it and use it regularly, or you have no idea what it really is or what it's supposed to do! But there's no question it's growing, and this micro-blogging platform is here to stay. And thyroid disease is increasingly a topic of discussion for people on Twitter.

So, if you're a thyroid patient who is already on Twitter, you're newly signed up, or you've been looking for that a health-related reason to finally get on Twitter, here's a list of my top ten Twitter accounts to follow to help you stay up on your thyroid news and support.

Note: for the Twitter-savvy among you, I've created a "Top 10 Thyroid on Twitter" list at Twitter. You can follow the whole list there, or select which ones of the list members you want to follow.

Endocrine Today / @EndocrineToday -- This Twitter account sends out updates that help you stay up on Endocrine Today's useful website, which features the latest endocrine and thyroid news.

EndocrineWeb / @endocrineweb -- EndocrineWeb sends out useful information related to thyroid and hormonal health.

Kent Holtorf, MD / @HoltorfMed -- Kent Holtorf, MD, an integrative physician with specialization in thyroid and hormone balance, and founder of the Holtorf Medical Center network of practices around the country. (Read about his approach to weight loss for thyroid patients.)

Sara Gottfried, MD / @DrGottfried -- Sara Gottfried, MD is a Harvard-trained holistic gynecologist, yogi, Mom, and focuses on thyroid and hormone health and balance, healthy nutrition, and holistic lifestyle issues. (Read about her approach to the optimal treatment of hypothyroidism.)

Thyroid Cancer Survivor's Association (ThyCa) / @ThyCaInc -- The official Thyroid Cancer Survivor's Association Twitter account stays up on thyroid cancer and related news and support information. (Read about their annual conference for thyroid cancer survivors.)

Friends of the American Thyroid Association / @ThyroidFriends -- A group that provides support information from the American Thyroid Association (ATA).

Dear Thyroid / @DearThyroid -- The Dear Thyroid community for thyroid support is active on Twitter, sharing information, humor, support, and links. (Read an interview with founder Katie Schwartz.)

ThyroidUK / @thyroiduk_org -- Twitter account for the British-based Thyroid UK advocacy group. 

Robert the HypoMan / @Hypo_Man -- Robert is a sharp UK-based thyroid patient with heart, who provides valuable links to content, as well as interactive support on Twitter. (Read more about the HypoMan blog.)

Hypothyroid Mom / @HypothyroidMom -- A Mom with hypothyroidism, looking at being healthy, being a good Mother, sharing links and being an advocate with a unique perspective.

Following Me on Twitter:

You can follow me at @ThyroidMary, my Twitter feed, where I post news, information, support, links and share support.

NOTE: One Twitter Feed to Avoid

I suggest you take a pass on an anonymous Twitter feed called "RealThyroid." This account refers to women thyroid patients as hags, hussies, addicts -- and far worse -- and has been stalking me, other advocates, and integrative and holistic thyroid doctors for years. You can learn more about this stalker's behavior at this article

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