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Thyroid Surgery and Thyroidectomy - Thyroid Disease - About.com
Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon takes a comprehensive look at the various facets of thyroid surgery / thyroidectomy, including the types of surgery, and ...
Complications After Thyroid Surgery (Thyroidectomy)
The risk of more significant complications are higher for total thyroidectomy as compared to subtotal thyroidectomy. Complications are also more likely with ...
Thyroid Surgery / Thyroidectomy Resources - Thyroid Disease
Jun 10, 2014 ... Here are comprehensive resources regarding thyroid surgery — known as thyroidectomy — including reasons for thyroid surgery, choosing a ...
Recovering After Thyroidectomy - Surgery - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... Thyroidectomy: Surgery to Remove the Thyroid Gland. By Jennifer Heisler, RN · Surgery Expert. Share this. Send to a Friend via Email.
Thyroidectomy - Thyroid Cancer - About.com - About Cancer
Sep 26, 2013 ... A thyroidectomy is the surgical removal of the thyroid. Learn what to expect before, during, and after a the procedure.
Thyroidectomy: Surgery to Remove the Thyroid Gland - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... Are you having a thyroid procedure done? Find out what happens during a thyroid surgical procedure.
My Scar - Total Thyroidectomy - Thyroid Disease - About.com
Sep 20, 2011 ... ... of the prominent location -- on the neck -- of these scars. Share photos of your thyroidectomy scars, and see what other people's scars look like.
Thyroidectomy Scar - What Will My Thyroidectomy Scar Look Like?
Sep 3, 2013 ... In this FAQ, a reader asks what his scar will look like after having a total thyroidectomy. Learn what to expect with a thyroidectomy scar and ...
The Process of Recuperation After Thyroidectomy - Thyroid Disease
A look at what thyroid patients can expect in the recuperation period after thyroid surgery / thyroidectomy, from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.
What Can I Eat After a Thyroidectomy? - About Cancer
Apr 17, 2014 ... A reader asks what foods he should eat after having a thyroidectomy. A thyroidectomy is a procedure to remove the thyroid, usually when ...
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