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Thyroid Surgery / Thyroidectomy Resources - Thyroid Disease
Thyroid surgery is frequently used to treat thyroid cancer and is sometimes the preferred approach to dealing with goiter, nodules or an overactive thyroid.
Finding a Qualified Thyroid Surgeon - Thyroid Disease - About.com
An experienced thyroid surgeon can reduce your risk of complications, and ensure a better outcome for your health. This article looks at how to find a top thyroid ...
Thyroid Surgery and Thyroidectomy - Thyroid Disease - About.com
Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon takes a comprehensive look at the various facets of thyroid surgery / thyroidectomy, including the types of surgery, and ...
Recuperating After Thyroid Surgery - Thyroid Disease - About.com
A look at what thyroid patients can expect in the recuperation period after thyroid surgery / thyroidectomy, from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.
Outpatient Thyroid Surgery - Thyroid Disease - About.com
May 12, 2013 ... Traditionally, surgery to remove the thyroid, known as a thyroidectomy, has entailed at minimum an overnight stay and often as much as 48 to ...
Thyroidectomy - Surgery to Remove the Thyroid Gland - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... Thyroid surgery, known as thyroidectomy, is a procedure to remove all or part of the thyroid gland. This is done for a variety of reasons, ranging ...
Thyroid Surgery Without a Neck Scar - Thyroid Disease - About.com
Jun 25, 2014 ... Thyroid Surgery can be performed without causing a neck scar, if the technique used is scarless transaxillary underarm endoscopic robotic ...
Complications After Thyroid Surgery (Thyroidectomy)
This article looks at complications that can occur after thyroid surgery, including hypoparathyroidism, hypocalcemia, and laryngeal nerve damage.
Thyroidectomy Scars - Scars from Thyroid Surgery - Thyroid Disease
May 11, 2011 ... Thyroid patients often want so share with others what their thyroid surgery scars look like, because of the prominent location -- on the neck -- of ...
Thyroid Removal - Submit an Entry: Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your ...
Apr 24, 2012 ... Thyroid patients often want so share with others what their thyroid surgery scars look like, because of the prominent location -- on the neck -- of ...
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