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Armour (Desiccated/Natural) Thyroid for ... - Thyroid Disease
A look at desiccated natural thyroid drugs for thyroid hormone replacement, including Armour Thyroid, used to treat an underactive thyroid.
Thyroid Patients: T3 or Natural Desiccated Thyroid Treatments
Aug 18, 2014 ... If you are hypothyroid and taking a thyroid replacement hormone drug, do you need T3 or natural desiccated thyroid? A look at these treatment ...
Natural Desiccated Thyroid - Drug Treatments Editorial
Aug 18, 2014 ... It's no secret that natural desiccated thyroid drugs - a prescription form of thyroid hormone replacement - have been a controversy for years in ...
Thyroid Disease - Dear Doctor: Synthroid Vs. Armour? -- A Patient's ...
A Patient's Letter - from your About.com Guide: thyroid hormone replacement armour thyroid levothyroxine sodium natural thyroid thyroid patient.
Endocrinologists Misrepresenting Natural Thyroid ... - Thyroid Disease
A look at how the endocrinology world continues to present misinformation about natural thyroid drugs, and misrepresent the value of natural desiccated thyroid ...
Clinical Trial to Compare Natural Desiccated ... - Thyroid Disease
Aug 18, 2014 ... The National Institutes of Health has announced a new clinical trial to compare natural desiccated thyroid treatment to levothyroxine in relief of ...
What if Your Synthroid Doesn't Work? Natural Thyroid Medication
Some people simply feel better taking one of the natural, desiccated thyroid drugs instead of a synthetic. The most popular and easily obtained brand is Armour ...
Thyroid Drugs & Various Treatments for Thyroid Conditions
Can you use natural treatments for hypothyroidism? A look at natural thyroid drugs, and non-drug holistic and natural approaches for an underactive thyroid.
The Controversy Over Use of T3 -- Cytomel, Natural Thyroid -- Vs T4 ...
The National Institutes of Health has announced a new clinical trial to compare natural desiccated thyroid treatment to levothyroxine in relief of symptoms in ...
Natural Desiccated Thyroid Drugs Deemed Safe ... - Thyroid Disease
Jun 18, 2013 ... Natural Desiccated Thyroid Drugs Deemed Safe Alternative to Levothyroxine For Hypothyroidism Treatment.
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