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Concerns over Swine Flu H1N1 Vaccine and Pregnancy
Public health agencies are strongly advising pregnant women to get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, and you're not alone if you are concerned about exposure to ...
H1N1 (Swine Flu) Treatment Options for People With Cancer
Mar 7, 2014 ... January 16, 2014 Update: According to the CDC, this is the first time that cases of H1N1 have been this high since the pandemic of 2009-2010.
2009 H1N1 Flu Virus and Cats - About.com
Ever since the WHO (World Health Organization) classified the H1N1 virus as a pandemic in June of 2009, fear compounded by misinformation have ensued.
Swine Flu Vaccine - H1N1 Vaccine - Pediatrics - About.com
Dec 30, 2014 ... As the swine influenza A (H1N1) virus is a new virus, there is no swine flu vaccine available to prevent infections. Learn more about plans to ...
What Is H1N1 and How Can It Affect Me? - Cold & Flu - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... H1N1 (swine flu) caused a pandemic flu outbreak in 2009 - 2010. Since then, lower levels of the virus have circulated every year. Find out what ...
H1N1 (Swine Flu) Update 2014 - Post-Pandemic
Updated December 19, 2014. (Find a 2014 update below). In 2009, talk and fear of seasonal flu were eclipsed in a big way by fear of H1N1, earlier known as ...
Why H1N1 Is Called Swine Flu - Cold & Flu - About.com
Jun 19, 2014 ... H1N1 flu caused a pandemic starting in April of 2009 and was initially known as.
H1N1 - What is H1N1 - Ear Nose and Throat Disorders - About.com
Nov 1, 2012 ... H1N1 is a flu virus and is also called the swine flu. It was first detected in the United States in April of 2009. It causes flu like symptoms including ...
H1N1 Flu and Heart Disease - About.com
Should people with heart disease be particularly concerned about H1N1 influenza (also called swine flu)? And what precautions should they take to avoid  ...
H1N1 Swine Flu - Frequently Asked Questions About Swine Flu ...
May 16, 2013 ... With so much in the news about swine flu, also called 2009 pandemic novel influenza A H1N1, it's wise to know what it is, what you can expect, ...
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