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Committing to Living a Healthier Life
By David Junno Psy.D.

Let’s face it, living healthier is hard work. There are always temptations to eat the wrong foods, and sustaining our exercise routine can feel like a chore at times. So how do we stick to making good food choices and keep ourselves on track with exercising. The answer is one word- commitment. But this can not be a casual commitment. It has to be a powerful commitment, a one that can withstand temptations and lapses in motivation.

For commitments to carry us through thick and thin, they have to be about what we want, not what we want to avoid. For example, when I learned that one of the first signs of heart disease was death, this got my attention. This scared me enough to decide I needed to start doing something to reduce my risk of heart disease. But to continue making effort over time I needed something more than knowing I was going to postpone death. I had just such a reason, and I want to tell you about my powerful commitment.

My powerful commitment

Fourteen years ago my father died of a heart attack. This was the same year my son was born. I experienced my father’s death as not only a loss for me, but also a loss to my children. Not only would I not have his love, support and guidance, but also my children would never have this either. My father was a good man, but paid little attention to his health. He grew-up with the idea that fat was a staple part of your diet and exercise was a foreign idea. I often thought how if he had taken better care of himself he might still be part of our lives now.

So when I found out that I was at risk for heart disease, I vowed I would do what my father had not done. I would do this not just because I did not want to die from a heart attack, but also because I wanted to be there for my children as they grew into adulthood. To love, support and guide them as they faced responsibilities and challenges. To be there to see my grandchildren, and be a part of their lives. And that has been my commitment ever since.

So when I face choices about what kinds of foods I should eat, or whether to go out and get some exercise, I think about my father. I think about learning from what he did, which I am sure he would have wanted me to do. I think about my children and their children. When I do this, the temptations and the obstacles get smaller and smaller.

Discover your powerful commitment

A powerful commitment reflects an important value. Wanting to look better or have people like you are not going to be sustaining reasons for commitment. Wanting to be responsible, being the person you like, are more powerful reasons for making changes.

What is your good reason for living healthier? What do you hope to accomplish that is meaningful to you? What is really important to you? What powerful commitment do you have in your life? Answer these questions and you will find and important source of strength and determination to make your efforts work.


This one’s for you Dad.

Love Dave

For a complete program on living a healthier lifestyle go to: http://www.lower-high-cholesterol-ready-or-not.com and download: Lowering High Cholesterol and Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease- READY OR NOT!. Get the information you need to begin improving your health today.

Remember, having the right diet and getting enough exercise will not only improve your health- IT WILL IMPROVE YOU LIFE.

Until next time,

Dave Junno Psy.D. Dave Junno Psy.D. is a psychologist, coach and author of Lowering High Cholesterol and Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease- READY OR NOT!


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