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Thyroid Success Stories
Fiona, Celebrating Better Health and Success with Low Carbs

I found your site a few months ago and your info has helped me more than the doctors I've been seeing for four years! I wanted to let you know that I have been experimenting recently with nutrition and T4/T3. Adding T3 twice a day to my synthroid has helped, and I've just started taking plenty of EFAs (flaxseed oil, fish oils in capsules) as well as increasing antioxidants and protein. Having tried almost everything, I find the best combo for energy and feeling good with hypothyroidism is low carbs, substantial protein, loads of vegetables and some fruit, and....good fats (recently people are saying how healthy I am looking and I'm convinced it's the addition of good fats (olive oil, goat's milk yogurt) and drinking gallons of water!!) My heart goes out to hypothyroid sufferers when I hear their frustration and confusion in their messages...having a resource like yours on About.com, and doing lots of research in books/web sites (I love the new Diana Schwarzbein book which talks about adding good fats to your diet and how the high carb, low fat ones make us fatter!) is crucial. I am thankful for western medicine but would be miserable without the info I've gleaned from you, your site, your readers, and the books I've recently read. Just feeling "normal" is the beginning half of the battle, and when you start feeling really pretty good again, as I have this month, you feel like having a huge celebration and spreading the word! Our health is so precious and I am sure we can realistically "Live Well With Hypothyroidism." I wish you much happiness, health and success in 2000. I can't wait for your book, I'm on your email notification list.


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If you want to share your own success stories, or find out more about other people's success, you can meet and exchange info, experiences and support with me and other thyroid patients at my Thyroid Bulletin Boards, or chat in real time at the Chatroom. Here are some of the latest discussions at the Thyroid Bulletin Boards:

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There are new developments happening all the time in the world of health, and even in conventional and alternative thyroid disease treatment. These developments are covered here at the site. To make sure you don't miss any new information that might help, I put out a regular About.com Thyroid Newsletter that provides free updates on new features and new information here at the website. It's the best way to keep up with what's new here at the About.com Thyroid Website. You can subscribe at the About.com Thyroid Site Newsletter Signup page or right here,

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New Thyroid Book

Finally, I also have a new book coming out in March of 2000, Living Well With Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctors Don't Tell You...That You Need to Know, from HarperCollins/Avon's WholeCare Line. The book provides in-the-trenches, practical patient-oriented advice on how to find the right doctor to diagnose and treat various forms of hypothyroidism, the drugs for hypothyroidism you and your doctor may not know about, fertility and successful pregnancy with hypothyroidism, alternative therapies for hypothyroidism and its symptoms and side effects, combatting weight gain and successful weight loss, depression, and much more. It's a complete manual of living well for anyone with hypothyroidism, whether due to congenital hypothyroidism, thyroid surgery, radiation, or autoimmune disease. If you'd like advance notification of the book,
send me an email and I'll be sure you receive personal notification from me when the book is coming out. You can also find out more information, read the book's table of contents, and get information on how to order in advance

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