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More Reason for Probiotics

from Mary J. Shomon

A probiotic is an organism that helps to balance the intestinal tract. Probiotics are also frequently referred to as "friendly" or "good" bacteria.

Many people are familiar with acidophilus, one of the most well-known probiotics, and the "good bacteria" or "live bacteria" found in most yogurts. When you eat foods containing probiotics, or take probiotic supplements, the probiotics help to maintain a healthy intestinal tract, and can actually help prevent some illness, or fight off other illness and disease.

These probiotic bacteria are those that when present in sufficient quantities in your intestines, will kill off and prevent overgrowth of harmful bacteria -- pathogenic bacteria -- that can lead to digestive problems and disease. can overgrow and become established, causing digestive and other health problems.

More and more, it's thought that regular use of probiotics may be an important way to modulate the immune system, and help deal with autoimmune conditions. There is more even more research out that offers encouraging news about probiotics, for migraine sufferers, and for reduction of eczema and allergy Risks.

More Information

Find out more about probiotics for thyroid and autoimmune disease sufferers in this Probiotic Guide.

Medical Reference

"Probiotics: Living Drugs," from American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, at Medscape

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