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Forest Pharmaceuticals Recalls Levothroid Levothyroxine Thyroid Drug

August 2002 -- According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Forest Pharmaceuticals has recalled certain batches of its levothyroxine drug, Levothroid. (Note: as of August 2002, levothroid has not yet received FDA approval for its new drug application.)

The recalled Levothroid includes:

Levothroid 100-mcg, 100-count and 5,000-count bottles. Recall # D-377-2. Lot 80017, Exp. 08/2002, 5,000 count, Lot 80019, Exp. 08/2002, 5,000 count, Lot 90014, Exp. 09/2002, 5,000 count, Lot 120028, Exp. 01/2003, 100 count.

Levothroid 125-mcg, 100-count bottles. Recall # D-378-2. (Lot 70035, Exp. 07/2002, 100-count, Lot 70038, Exp. 07/2002, 100-count, Lot 80033, Exp. 08/2002, 100-count, Lot 80034, Exp. 08/2002, 100 count

The reason for the recall is that the affected pills are subpotent prior to their expiration dates.

If you take Levothroid, you may wish to contact your pharmacy to determine if your prescriptions are affected.

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