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From Mary Shomon Your Thyroid Guide

PRESS RELEASE: Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory Announces Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment

February, 2001

from Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory has developed a new diagnostic profile that should be good news for the millions of Americans who suffer from irregularities in thyroid hormone metabolism.

It is estimated that one in eight to ten people experience some level of dysfunction in central or peripheral thyroid hormone production - many related to subtle defects in metabolism that aren't routinely analyzed with conventional thyroid testing.

``Broadly speaking, defects in thyroid production can speed up or slow down the body's rate of metabolism, especially as we age,'' explained the lab's Medical Science Director Dr. Brad Rachman. ``When those abnormalities occur as obvious disease states - in 'textbook' forms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism - conventional assessments can often pinpoint the dysfunction involved. However, many subclinical conditions and problems in peripheral metabolism can only be detected with the additional markers included in this profile. That's what sets our panel apart from most others currently in use.''

In addition to the markers linked to central thyroid metabolism - TSH and free T4 - Great Smokies' Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment also evaluates markers of peripheral metabolism. These include levels of free T3, reverse T3, and two markers related to autoimmune diseases, Anti-TG and Anti-TPO Antibodies. The Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment test report includes calculated ratios for free T4:free T3 and free T4:reverse T3, as well as commentary on patterns emerging through assessment of the multiple markers and their interrelationships.

Great Smokies' commitment to innovation includes developing a steady stream of new testing to help providers take advantage of clinical and technical developments in healthcare. In addition to Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment, new products released recently include the Cellular Energy Profile, Toxic Element Exposure Profile, expanded Menopause Profile, and Vaginosis Profile with DNA probe. Currently under development are new assessments of estrogen metabolism, including hydroxyestrones, H. pylori infection, and organic acid metabolism.

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory provides advanced, innovative assessments of gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune, nutritional, and metabolic function to healthcare providers worldwide. It offers tests of physiology with innovative markers designed for early identification of risk for disease development and for guiding preventive therapies to promote optimal health, healthy aging, and productive longevity. Great Smokies' quality laboratory services are certified by Medicare and several state regulatory agencies, as well as by the College of American Pathologists - the professional organization which monitors quality in the world's leading hospital and major reference laboratories.

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
Frank Taylor, 800/522-4762; Fax: 828/285-2258


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