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Compounded T3 Under Scrutiny in Georgia After Several Patients Suffer Severe Symptoms

April, 2001

by Mary J. Shomon

A group of Atlanta area patients have suffered severe illnesses requiring hospitalization due to what experts believe may have been improperly produced custom-made T3 thyroid medications.

The Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency -- assisted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administratio -- is conducting an investigation of these compounded T3 products after at least three patients during the period of a month had serious reactions to the medication, which was apparently due to excessive quantity of T3 in each capsule.

One patient was diagnosed with "Wilson's syndrome" by her doctor, but after starting the T3 preparation, was rushed to the ER suffering chest pains, very high pulse rate, and elevated blood pressure, and was near death, according to her husband.

While waiting information on the results, the Georgia's Drugs and Narcotics Agency has asked pharmacies in the state to stop making the compounded T3, and to contact patients taking these products to discuss the potential dangers.


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