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From Mary Shomon Your Thyroid Guide

Are You a "Poor T4 Converter?" -- An Interview with David Brownstein, M.D., Author of Overcoming Thyroid Disease

July 2002 -- David Brownstein, MD's new book can help you figure it out. In Overcoming Thyroid Disease, Brownstein outlines some fascinating thyroid information, including:
  • the diuretic and weight loss impact of Armour Thyroid
  • T2 and T1 and what they actually may do
  • other minerals in Armour Thyroid
  • signs of a "Poor T4 Converter"
  • what causes "poor T4 conversion"
  • overcoming "poor T4 conversion"
  • why thyroid hormone resistance is like insulin resistance
  • overcoming thyroid hormone resistance
Find out more about Dr. Brownstein's approaches in this in-depth interview.


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