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How to Prevent Thyroid Disease

There are some things you can do to reduce your chance of thyroid problems.

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Here's How:
  1. Be careful about too much soy. Excessive soy isoflavones may trigger or worsen hypothyroidism, goiter or nodules. Some doctors advise avoiding soy supplements and powders and eating no more than one small serving of soy foods daily.
  2. Don't feed infants soy-based formulas. There's evidence that this can contribute to later risk of thyroid disease.
  3. Drink bottled water. Fluoride in water, and a rocket fuel manufacturing by-product known as perchlorate, are substances in water that may trigger or worsen the risk of thyroid problems.
  4. When it comes to iodine, think moderation. Too little or too much iodine -- including taken as kelp or bladderwrack -- can increase your risk of hypothyroidism or goiter.
  5. Stop smoking. Smoking can damage the thyroid, and may worsen some existing thyroid conditions.
  6. Reduce your stress. Reducing stress using effective mind-body techniques can play a part in preventing thyroid disease.
  1. A healthy diet, exercise, proper nutrition, and stress reduction can all minimize the chance of developing thyroid disease.

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