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Worst Pills, Best Pills/Public Citizen Scandal
Brought to you by Mary Shomon Your Thyroid Guide

Summary of Key Information Here on the Public Citizen/Worst Pills, Best Pills Armour Thyroid Issue

Back in May of 2003, the Ralph Nader-founded group Public Citizen's "Worst Pills, Best Pills" newsletter -- published by Public Citizen's Health Research Group -- issued a poorly researched condemnation of Armour Thyroid, claiming that the drug should be on the publication's "Do Not Prescribe" list due to a variety of perceived concerns. The article, which was heavy on accusations and short on actual facts, was essentially a poorly researched opinion piece presented as medical facts, and rehashed the same tired old arguments and mythology about Armour Thyroid. At the time, I asked "What went wrong with this supposed consumer right champion?" and sent them a letter and wrote an article, outlining my concerns with their shoddy effort.

I did not receive a response to my letter, but one patient did receive an email responding to her concerns. And you will be absolutely astounded at how Public Citizen has graduated from unfounded opinion to total misinformation, and is now insisting that Armour is a non-prescription herbal supplement available over-the-counter! Their response came from Betty Blount, an RN, who wrote an error-laden email that illustrates how misinformed the organization truly is when it comes to thyroid drugs. Interesting, it also shows that the organization is defending its earlier positions on the basis of a series of major -- and potentially dangerous -- medical errors, which are outlined here, along with an assessment of the inaccuracies.

Also, Betty Blount sent a letter by regular mail to another reader, again illustrating the lack of knowledge about thyroid drugs.

Finally, in late August, I wrote another lengthy letter to Sidney Wolfe, MD, of Public Citizen/Worst Pills, Best Pills, regarding their misguided and error-filled condemnation of Armour Thyroid, and asking that information be corrected and that they attempt to repair some of the damage done.

A week later, I received a partial response from Sidney Wolfe, which basically reiterated the same information from the May 2003 article. The response failed, however, to address the issue of misinformation.

I wrote a response to Dr. Wolfe, asking for Public Citizen and its Worst Pills, Best Pills newsletter to help repair the damage that it's done.

Here are articles recapping the situation...

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