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Yoga for Thyroid Disease
Guide picks
Information on yoga as an approach for wellness and good health with thyroid disease, including postures specifically focused on the thyroid, such as the shoulder stand known as sarvangasana, that can help hypothyroidism, plus yoga for thyroid cancer.

Yoga and Thyroid Disease
A review of the positive and healthy role yoga can play in thyroid disease, including the key yoga pose for thyroid health

Yoga for Thyroid Cancer Survivors
Thyroid cancer survivor and yoga instructor Teresa Campana's overview of the role of yoga in wellness with cancer.

Yoga -- The Path to Enlightenment
There are many paths to travel to enlightenment, and Dr. Brian Sheen explores one of the most ancient and perhaps most traveled paths -- yoga.

Living Well With Hypothyroidism
Features a special section on using yoga for thyroid support, including information and insructions on the special poses that can help thyroid function.

The Yoga of Alternative Therapy
You can understand alternative medicine, by looking at the basics of yoga. Dr. Brian Sheen explores this connection and what it means for your health.

Yoga In Daily Life Center / US
Yoga info, great book, video, audio and supplies, including "Yoga Nidra" relaxation tapes, and terrific "Beginner Yoga" video.

The Sarvangasana - the Mother of all Yoga Poses!
A description and illustration of the best overall yoga pose for metabolism, endocrine stimulation and thyroid health.

Shoulderstand, Animated
Animated gif showing how the shoulderstand is done, from the Yoga Anand Ashram Santosha.com

The Shoulderstand
From the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers

YogaClass offers free online yoga, relaxation and breathing classes, presented in "RealPlayer" video/audio format.

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