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From Mary Shomon Your Thyroid Guide

Is Green Tea Dangerous to the Thyroid

by Mary J. Shomon

March 2001 -- In response to my article on green tea as a weight loss aid, some readers expressed concerns regarding the high fluoride content in tea, and the negative relationship between ingestion of too much fluoride and thyroid problems, as well as other health concerns.

This is definitely something to be considered before deciding to take green tea.

While green tea has some definite benefits in the cancer-prevention and metabolism-boosting arena, the fluoride content may, according to some practitioners, be a concern for the public in general, but specifically for thyroid patients.

For more information on the green tea/thyroid/fluoride connection, please see Andreas Schuld's letter regarding the issue, which is online at his website.


For more information on the connection between fluoride and thyroid disease, read:

Fluoride May Not Prevent Cavities, and Can Cause Health Problems, Including Thyroid Concerns

Fluoride: The Hidden Danger in Your Drinking Water and Toothpaste
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