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Levoxyl Recalls and Stability Questions
Thyroid News and Links / From Mary Shomon Your Thyroid Guide

June 2002 -- While the stock price rises and sales of the levothyroxine drug Levoxyl rise dramatically, batches of Levoxyl are being recalled in June of 2002 recall, and patients voice continuing concerns about stability and quality of the product.

Levoxyl Recall

If you take Levoxyl in 50 or 100 mcg size pills, you may be taking the recalled Levoxyl. Find out more in the article Levoxyl Recalls and Quality Questions While Stock Price Goes Up and Sales Increase, Concerns Rise.

Levoxyl Solutions?

If the fast-dissolving Levoxyl is the only drug you can take, but is causing challenges, find out how one patient solved her problems with simple advice from her pharmacist, in "Patient Advice About Taking the Newly Formulated Levoxyl."

Official Site

Learn more about Levoxyl at the manufacturer's official Levoxyl site

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