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All About Westhroid and Nature-Throid


Updated December 13, 2003

Western Research Laboratories has been selling natural thyroid medication since 1934. The company was established by Dr. William McClymonds of Denver, Colorado, who was specifically interested in glandular problems and their notorious symptom of weight-related problems. The first natural thyroid product made by Dr. McClymonds was Westhroid. Dr McClymonds advertised Westhroid as follows:

"We produce our thyroid powder only from freshly excised, promptly frozen PORK glands and then assay it chemically many ways (not just USP) and biologically so that you are assured your patients will respond adequately day after day and year after year… Do you know if the thyroid you are now prescribing has been biologically assayed? Do you know it's T4-T3 ratio?.. Ask your supplier these vital questions and demand proof." (Western Research Labs Advertisement, circa 1950). Westhroid is still in use today, almost 70 years later. Dr. McClymonds is considered one of the first doctors to relate obesity with other debilitating problems, and his interests led him to found the Glandular Society in 1949. This Society has since become the ASBP, The American Society of Bariatric Physicians -- "bariatric" meaning weight loss). Of course, since Dr. McClymonds time, much more has been studied about thyroid disease and its connection to many diseases, including obesity.

In the 1960s it was discovered that some people with food allergies were having a reaction to Westhroid. This was because they were sensitive to the cornstarch used to bind it. So it was deemed necessary to produce a thyroid drug suitable for these patients.

The manufacturer produced a hypoallergenic natural thyroid medication called Nature-Throid. This medication is bound by microcrystalline cellulose, which is a derivative from paper, and does not cause allergic reactions. Some doctors prescribe Nature-Throid when they have any questions about their patient's sensitivities to food. Further, according to Nature-Throid's manufacturer, patients who have had allergy symptoms when taking Armour have found that switching to Nature-Throid eliminates these problems. According to Western, Westhroid and Nature-Throid are hormonally IDENTICAL - the only difference is the binding ingredients. So, for some people (who do not have food allergies), switching between Westhroid and Nature-Throid will have no consequence, they will still receive a consistent treatment for their thyroid problem.

According to Western Research Labs, "We have worked with the FDA from the very beginning to ensure full compliance with all regulations. Each batch has to meet certain strict levels of hormone in order for the batch to be released. Noncompliance with these regulations would not only mean costly recalls when the FDA visits to test hormone content, but it would break our commitment to providing doctors and patients with an ethical and professional service. Since the FDA have been questioning the content of synthetic thyroid hormones, regulations have become extremely tight and Western Research Labs continues to comply and provide the high standard that has come to be expected."

Western Research Labs' products are priced less than synthetic thyroid drugs and other natural thyroid products. A patient taking a 1 grain (64.8mg) natural thyroid hormone from Western Research Laboratories can expect to pay, on average, $5 for a month's supply (that is 30 pills, at one pill a day - doses may vary depending on a doctor's prescription, and prices may vary depending on quantities/dosage).

Western has set up a toll-free number -- 1-877-797-7997 -- where doctors can call for further information and to place orders for Western Research Labs' thyroid products -- all medications are by prescription only, and sold only to doctors or pharmacies. For patients with doctors that will not switch them from synthetic to natural thyroid, Western can also assist in locating a doctor in the area who already works with natural thyroid and who may consider prescribing it for you. Call their toll-free number. Western also has a new website coming online in October of 2001, located at [link url=http://www.westernresearchlaboratories.com]www.westernresearchlaboratories.com.

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