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Thyroid Drugs: Frequently Asked Questions

Food, Drug and Supplement Interactions


Updated June 13, 2014

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Many people ask about specific drugs, supplements and foods and whether or not you can take them when you're taking thyroid hormones. Here's a review of some of the key questions, details and exploration of which you can find at the online Thyroid Drug/Interactions FAQ

  • Should You Take Your Thyroid Hormone With Food vs. An Empty Stomach?
  • What is the Impact of a High Fiber Diet?
  • What About Iodine and Kelp Supplements?
  • How About "Goitrogenic" Foods Like Kale or Brussels Sprouts?
  • Is There a Problem with Antacids?
  • What About Calcium and Calcium-Fortified Orange Juice?
  • What About Over the Counter Drugs Like Cough Medicines, Cold Medicines, Decongestants?
  • How Should You Take Vitamins with Iron?
  • What About Thyroid Hormone and Estrogen? (i.e., Hormone Replacement Therapy, Birth Control Pills)
  • What Do You Need to Know About Some Other Prescription Drugs? [Insulin, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs and Blood Thinners]

Complete exploration of these issues can be found at the online Thyroid Drug/Interactions FAQ.

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