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Synthroid Lawsuit, News & Controversy
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Information on the Knoll Pharmaceuticals' Synthroid class action lawsuit, research controversy with Betty Dong, lawsuit and settlement, regarding Synthroid, the levothyroxine thyroid drug used to treat hypothyroidism.

Synthroid Lawsuit Settlement Approved
The long-running class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Synthroid was finally settled in August of 2000, and thyroid patients stand to receive up to a $111 settlement payment.

Thyroid Drug Database Best of the Net
Information about the brand name drugs, thyroid drugs by generic names, and manufacturer names and contact information.

Synthroid Lawsuit Settled: March 10, 2000 is Filing Deadline
If you purchased Synthroid between January 1, 1990 and October 21, 1999, you may be eligible to receive almost $200 in compensation for overpayment for the drug. Find out how.

Should You Change to Unithroid?
Unithroid was just approved last week, and is the only FDA-approved levothyroxine thyroid drug that is currently available. How did a mom-and-pop company like Jerome Stevens, Unithroid's manufacturer, manage to get approval for its product ahead of a giant like Synthroid? Would you feel better if you switched from an unapproved drug like Synthroid to Unithroid?

Synthroid Manufacturer Settles with 37 States
Attorneys General in 37 states settle with Knoll, maker of Synthroid, over allegations of misleading marketing.

Synthroid Under Siege
The manufacturer of the #1 thyroid medication in the U.S. is taking serious hits from a variety of fronts.

The Synthroid Settlement: Fair Payoff or Patient Ripoff?
A two-part look at whether the proposed payoff of less than $19 per patient in the Synthroid lawsuit is fair, and who's doing anything about it.

Synthroid and other Drugs Have Stability & Potency Problems
Government finds significant stability, potency and dosage strength problems with levothyroxine drugs such as Synthroid and other brands of thyroid drugs. Find out about the potential serious health consequences you face.

Synthroid in the News
The most well-known thyroid drug in the U.S. Synthroid and its manufacturer, Knoll Pharmaceuticals, and the various developments and updates on their lawsuits, stability problems, and other news.

"A Year in Corporate Crime"
This article by Robert Sherrill from The Nation online offers background on the controversial Synthroid study issue.

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