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Information on levothyroxine thyroid hormone replacement drugs such as Synthroid and its equivalents, Levoxyl, Levothyroid, Unithroid, Armour, Thyrolar, and Cytomel.

The Synthroid Controversy and Lawsuit
Information on the Knoll Pharmaceuticals' Synthroid research controversy with Betty Dong, and the resulting lawsuit, including the class action lawsuit and financial settlement, regarding Synthroid, the levothyroxine thyroid drug used to treat hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Drug Database Best of the Net
Information about the brand name drugs, thyroid drugs by generic names, and manufacturer names and contact information.

Thyroid Disease 101: The First Place to Start
Overview of information about thyroid disease, including diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, nodules, goiter, and thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Newsletters for Patients and Practitioners
Various email and print newsletters covering thyroid disease, available for thyroid patients and practitioners, including one produced by Synthroid's manufacturer.

All About Thyroid Drugs
If you want to understand the differences between thyroid drugs, this is the place to start. A review of different thyroid drugs, including T4, T4/T3 and natural thyroid drugs, antithyroid drugs, and more!

Food and Drug Administration Approves Unithroid
First "New Drug Application" for thyroid drug levothyroxine sodium is approved.

First Levothyroxine Drug is Approved
The Food and Drug Administration has approved Unithroid, the first new drug application for thyroid drug levothyroxine sodium. What does this mean for thyroid patients?

Synthroid Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Approved
The long-running class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Synthroid was finally settled in August of 2000, and thyroid patients stand to receive up to a $111 settlement payment.

Thyroid Drugs: Food, Drug and Vitamin Supplement Interactions
How to best take your thyroid drugs, the relationship to iodine, kelp supplements, goitrogenic foods like kale and brussel sprouts, interactions with antacids, calcium, iron and much more.

A Quick Look at Thyroid Hormone Replacement
Provides a review of T4, T4/T3, and T3 drugs and therapies for thyroid hormone replacement.

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