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Mitral Valve Prolapse and Thyroid Disease

The connection between mitral valve prolapse and thyroid conditions


Updated December 15, 2003

Medical research has found that the prevalence of mitral valve prolapse is substantially greater in patients with autoimmune thyroid disorders such as Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. According to the About.com Heart Surgery Forum, MVP is the most common heart valve abnormality, with estimates ranging from 2 million or more Americans diagnosed with this condition, and most are women (about 80%).

When you have MVP, one or both valve flaps are enlarged. When the heart contracts or pumps, the flaps don't close smoothly or evenly. Instead, part of one or both flaps collapses backward into the left atrium. This sometimes allows a Mitral Valve Prolapse small amount of blood to leak backward through the valve and may cause a heart murmur.

Major Symptoms of MVP include:

Pounding, fast heartbeat
Low tolerance for exercise
Chest pain
Panic attacks
Headaches, migraines
Dizziness, fainting
Intestinal problems
Shortness of breath

More detailed information on MVP is featured in this in-depth, online guide.

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