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Information, articles and websites about thyroid surgery, known as thyroidectomy or lobectomy, frequently a treatment for thyroid cancer, nodules, goiter and hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid Surgery: An Introduction
An article offering a detailed overview of what to expect from thyroid surgery, how to find a thyroid surgeon, and surgical followup.

An Introduction to Thyroid Cancer
A in-depth article providing a starting point for information about thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Nodules: Evaluating Nodules for Cancer Diagnosis
A in-depth article looking at how thyroid nodules are evaluated for potential thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Disease 101: The First Place to Start
Overview of information about thyroid disease, including diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer.

Choosing a Surgeon
Important information on choosing a thyroid (and parathyroid) surgeon, from The Thyroid Center at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC.

Thyroid Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions
Clear writeup of what to expect if you plan to undergo thyroid surgery , from The Thyroid Center at Columbia Presbyterian.

Operations on the Thyroid
Includes good, detailed descriptions and illustrations, from Endocrineweb

Thyroidectomy Discussion Group
A discussion group for people who had a thyroidectomy.

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