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Public Awareness & Thyroid Outreach
Guide picks
Information on public awareness efforts, public figures speaking out on thyroid disease, public figures such as Gail Devers and Tipper Gore who have thyroid disease, and major news regarding thyroid-related outreach efforts and awareness.

Experts Call for Thyroid Screening for Americans Over 35
With vague symptoms, thyroid disease frequently goes undiagnosed. Experts are now recommending everyone over 35 be tested. Are you at risk for thyroid disease? Should you be tested?

Thyroid Tears / Diana Holmes Thyroid Advocacy in UK Best of the Net
Interesting created by UK thyroid sufferer and patient advocate Diana Holmes, author of "Tears Behind Closed Doors." Must read for UK patients!

Is Thyroid Disease Really So "Easy to Treat?"
Experts push for testing, but many say that once diagnosed, thyroid disease is easy to treat. Other experts -- and many patients -- don't agree at all.

Olympian Gail Devers Testifies Re: Thyroid Misdiagnosis
Gold medal winner talks about years of not being diagnosed with Graves' disease, and need for better public reporting of medical errors.

Tipper Gore Thyroid Growth Removed
Vice President Al Gore's wife has suspicious nodule removed and evaluated for potential thyroid cancer.

Iodine Deficiency Global Threat
WHO/UNICEF say it's leading preventable cause of brain damage and retardation, and more than 1 billion are at risk worldwide.

Diet Supplement Dangerous to Thyroid and Health
FDA issues warning against a popular diet supplement, Triax/Triac, which is found to cause hyperthyroidism and dangerous side effects such as stroke or heart attack.

What Exactly Are They Teaching in Medical School
Why thyroid disease diagnosis seems so difficult.

Study Sparks Initiative To Raise Thyroid Awareness
Nationwide study shows lack of understanding about thyroid disease, leaving half of the estimated 13 million U.S. cases of thyroid dysfunction undiagnosed.

Endocrinologists Thyroid Neck Check Effort
The AACE's public awareness program, featuring instructions and a useful diagram on how to give yourself the thyroid "Neck Check."

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