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Perchlorate & its Danger to the Thyroid
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Information on the toxic chemical perchlorate, a rocket fuel and fireworks production byproduct, and its negative impact on the thyroid, and potential relationship to thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism.

Chemical in Drinking Water May Create Thyroid Problems
Researchers find that perchlorate in drinking water may be creating thyroid problems in Arizona newborns.

Antithyroid Agent Perchlorate Found in US Fertilizers
Review of the news that shows the thyroid-damaging chemical perchlorate present in U.S. fertilizers and what this means for our food and water supply.

Perchlorate: Thyroid Perils of Our Food and Water
An article discussing the link between perchlorate, a chemical by-product of fireworks production, rocket and rocket fuel production, and used in fertilizers, and thyroid problems.

Toxic Chemicals and the Thyroid
Other links regarding toxic chemicals, pesticides and environmental estrogens, and their impact on thyroid function.

The Perchlorate Problem -- Central Web Resource
In-depth information on the perchlorate problem, at the ZeroWasteAmerica perchlorate page.

Perchlorate Identification in Fertilizers
EPA 1999 links fertilizers to perchlorate in food supplies and negative health consequences.

Selected Government Funded WWII Industries
You can find out which states have WWII government-sponsored industrial sites where manufacturing facilities may now be contaminated with perchlorate, at this site, which features information by state.

Perchlorate Information Online
Detailed overview of perchlorate's effect on the thyroid gland from the EPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water.

Perchlorate Removal
Calgon Carbon Corporation press release on the process of removing perchlorate from groundwater

EPA -- The Interagency Perchlorate Steering Committee (IPSC)
Committee including representatives from 19 different government agencies focused on finding an integrated approach to framing perchlorate issues and to inform and involve stakeholders about developments in the technical and regulatory arenas.

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