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Thyroid Disease Forums
Moderated by Mary Shomon

Welcome to the Thyroid Disease Forums -- online support groups and bulletin boards. There are eight different forums to choose from. The main board is the General Thyroid Support and Information Board, but specialized boards are available for particular interests, such as Graves' disease/hyperthyroidism, cancer, weight loss, alternative medicine, and more. We encourage you to visit various boards to meet fellow others who have an interest in thyroid conditions, and living well.
  • General Thyroid Support & Info
  • Graves' Disease/Hyperthyroidism
  • Thyroid & Infertility, Pregnancy & Menopause
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Diet, Weight Loss & Nutrition
  • Thyroid Top Doctors
  • Alternative Medicine for Thyroid Disease
  • Thyroid UK: United Kingdom Thyroid Support
Here are some pointers on some different ways to navigate the board.

When you are on a Thyroid Forum, at the top left of your screen is "Site Home" which will take you to the main page of Mary Shomon's Thyroid Site.

You'll find lots of informative articles and interviews to choose from on all aspects of Thyroid Disease, starting with Thyroid Basics/Thyroid 101 and on to more detailed subjects. You'll find objective information with cited references about the information being relayed, and links to the original source of the information.

If you are just starting thyroid meds, or are changing your current protocol, you may find the following information interesting reading — it is an excellent discussion of how our bodies need to heal from the deficit of thyroid hormone and how patience and persistence can help us in the long run to optimize our health:


The following link will take you to the introductory page of the Thyroid Disease Main Forum Message Board, where you will be introduced to Mary Shomon, the "Guide" for this site and forum:


Also posted there are the official GUIDELINES for participating in our message boards. The rules are few, simple and clearly defined:
  • ...no obscenity, profanity and vulgarity beyond what you can say on prime time network TV *...no personal attacks
  • ...constructive criticism only — that means: “Criticism of the ideas without disparaging, criticizing, berating, patronizing or otherwise sniping at another person or people.”
  • ...no spam
  • ...no Multi Level Marketing or selling
  • ...religious posting goes in the spirituality folder
The best starting place for thyroid research and information is the Thyroid site home page. You can get there by going to the top left of your screen and clicking on Site Home or by clicking the following link:


Your best course of action is to become a very informed thyroid patient. If you have questions, go to the forums and ask and folks there will do their best to answer them for you.

Bear in mind, please, that on the various message boards folks are giving their personal opinions, their personal experiences and their personal impressions of material they have read. This is not to be confused with medical advice — that is between you and your attending physician.

Therefore, while you want to keep an open mind for information that may be of value to you, it is important to check with your physician if you decide to follow up a lead that seems relevant to your situation. So ultimately, you need to follow your doctor's advice....not what you read on the forums.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to establish a good relationship with a caring, knowledgeable physician.

If you list your general location people may be able to offer recommendations for good docs. In addition, there are two sources on this board for finding doctors:

Thyroid Top Doctors, at http://thyroid.about.com/library/weekly/bldoc1.htm, a listing of doctors, by location, as recommended by patients

Thyroid Top Doctors Forum -- at http://forums.about.com/ab-thyroiddrs/start, a message board for asking about or commenting about doctors

This comes with the caveat that what works for one person may not work for another — we choose our doctors based on many things: style, treatment approach, willingness to listen to our symptoms, to allow us to participate in our treatment plan.

A very good search engine is Google — many forum members use it all the time to look up information and you may want to bookmark it as one of your favorites for quick searches as well.

At some point you may want to share reference or other material with board members — journal articles, webpages, books, newspaper and magazine articles, etc., that you’ve read and found helpful. The best way to do this so that we do not in any way violate copyright law is to paraphrase, quote a paragraph or two at most, then provide an active link, a URL or a book title/author.

About posting ~ here’s a link to a post which gives some suggestions from board members on how to optimize your posts, get them read, receive the most responses, etc. It basically comes down to making them legible (multiple paragraphs rather than run on sentences, labs presented WITH ranges since they vary so much, etc.):


Here’s a link to a post that explains how to show us your lab results, should you wish to:


This is an international board, and it's not unusual — with the time zone differences and everyone's varied schedules — for a post to take about 24 hours to get rolling. It's hard to wait, we know ::grin:: but you will get answers.

This is a very active board and only the 50 most recent posts appear in the folders on the left of your screen. Folks sometimes think their messages have “disappeared.” Not so — the following link will give you some info on finding and keeping track of your posts:


And don’t miss the folder on the main message board titled: Success/Improvement Stories. People have written to share their journey and their good outcomes. It can be a great place for information and encouragement.

You will find the folks here to be very generous with their experiences and insights.

Again, welcome!

Mary Shomon
Thyroid Guide, and Board Moderator

With special thanks to 2001-2002 Volunteer Board Host Dottye, who developed this all-encompassing welcoming message!
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