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Top 7 Things to Know About Thyroid Nodules and Goiter


It's estimated that half the population have thyroid nodules, and a substantial percentage have an enlarged thyroid, known as a goiter. Here are key things to know about these common thyroid abnormalities.

1) Thyroid Nodules, Lumps and Goiter

An overview of diagnosis and treatment for thyroid nodules, lumps, and the enlarged thyroid known as goiter, including evaluating nodules for possible thyroid cancer.

2) A Rapid Cure for Toxic Multinodular Goiter?

Researchers have found what they call a rapid "cure" for the potentially dangerous condition known as toxic multinodular goiter, which can sometimes cause thyrotoxicosis. Find out about this potentially promising treatment, and how quickly it can work.

3) Benign Thyroid Nodules Rarely Grow

Researchers have found that benign thyroid nodules rarely grow, and annual ultrasounds are not necessary.

4) Pregnancy Ups Incidence and Size of Nodules

What happens to thyroid nodules during pregnancy? A great deal, according to new research that looks at this important issue for the first time.

5) Smoking Increases Risk of Goiter

Researchers have found that in iodine deficient people, smoking greatly increases the risk of developing an enlarged thyroid, known as a goiter.

6) Thyroid Nodules: When It's Time for a Second Opinion

Information from Dr. Barry M. Shmookler, a surgical pathologist and founder of FindCancerExperts.com, about second opinions for thyroid nodules.

7) Thyroid Nodules in Pregnancy May Have Higher Malignancy Rate

New findings report that thyroid nodules in pregnant women have a greater chance of being malignant than nodules in non-pregnant patients.
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