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Thyroid Nodules

When It's Time for a Second Opinion on a Pathology Diagnosis


Updated December 13, 2003

Dr. Barry M Shmookler, M.D. has a variety of recommendations regarding how thyroid patients can be their own best advocates regarding thyroid nodule testing.

Dr. Shmookler is a surgical pathologist and founder of FindCancerExperts.com, a Web-based service that matches patients with expert pathologists who will review and evaluate biopsy specimens (tissue, cells or fluids) taken for evaluation of possible cancer. Dr. Shmookler was a presenter at the September, 2000 Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association (ThyCa) conference, in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Schmookler's detailed thoughts cover:
  • Error rates in pathological tests for cancer
  • How to determine when a second opinion is necessary
  • How to find an excellent pathologist
  • How to handle physicians with objections to second opinions
  • The state of treatment for thyroid cancer patients
For more information, read:
  • [link url=http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/secondopinion.htm]Second Opinions for Thyroid Nodules: Detailed Information from Barry Shmookler, M.D.
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