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Medical News, Research & Searching
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How to research information, find thyroid news and general medical news, and other health information, online.

Finding the Best Health Information Online
When you want to surf for the best, most comprehensive and useful health and medical information online, here are the sites you absolutely should visit!

Thyroid Newsroom
Thyroid-related news, updated regularly.

Thyroid-Related Newsletters
Thyroid-related newsletters available to patients and practitioners.

How to do Medical Research Using the Internet
Excellent online presentation/tutorial on this important topic.

National Library of Medicine's PubMed
Massive, easy to use searchable database of medical references from major medical journals.

A mix of info targeted to doctors and patients is featured at this key web resource.You need to register, but it's free.

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
One of the two top medical journals in the U.S.

Online Medical Dictionary
Searchable dictionary of medical terms.

Good medical overview site. Strong medical encyclopedia, and self-care advisor features.

The Journal of the American Thyroid Association
Key thyroid organization's medical research articles.

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