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Healing Your Thyroid Without Drugs -- Thyroid and your Biography

Part 2


Updated May 19, 2014

The first one is predisposition. This is an emotional and/or life situation which creates a non-optimal condition of living. When an individual lives in a household of this nature an underlying sense of fear, danger and guilt permeates the mind which causes it to get stuck in the stress mode often called a “fight or flight reaction. This creates a continual strain on the body. As the lungs overwork, the immune system is weakened and harmful levels of cortisol and adrenaline are produced to create chemical imbalances. This is why we see such an epidemic of serotonin deficiencies today.

Low Thyroid and The Precipitation of Illness

The second P behind any illness is precipitation. Our body/mind system for most of us is very resilient and can often overcome, in our earlier years, much physical and emotional abuse. Yet, over l time as we age even the strongest are weakened and the resistant negative beliefs and decisions that were made in our lifetime due to the negative conditioning we had will finally bear its toxic front. One day a physical or emotional trauma occurs and this can precipitate an onslaught of system breakdowns that can bring cancer, heart disease, hypo or hyperthyroid conditions, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety-panic disorders or any number of maladies into symptomatic consciousness. It is important to understand that whatever finally emerges did not just happen. These imbalances were in the mind/body system before the symptoms manifested. We all have a potential for cancer in our bodies. Yet it is through the systems’ weakening by the trauma that the illness in waiting debuts.

By this time tears were rolling down Cynthia’s face. “I know your Ph.D. is in clinical hypnotherapy and you specialized in psychoneuroimmunology, but are you a psychic too? I feel you’re reading my mind and telling me all about my life without me saying a word. I’ve had a horrible childhood. My parents were always fighting and my father sexually abused me as a child. I always felt frightened to speak out about it as I thought my mother must have known but did nothing. Even when I tried to bury myself in outside activities I always had this terrible feeling inside me when I went back home. As a kid I always seemed to have stomach problems which my doctor told me was because I took life too seriously. Too seriously, my God, I was afraid to go to sleep at night in my bed. My stomach problems went away when I went off to college and things went pretty well. I dreaded the holidays for it meant going home but I learned to stuff my fears deeply inside. My parents eventually got divorced so it made me easier and my dad to never bother me again. But then I got married – my first. Things just got off on a bad foot and like my father, my new husband had a drinking problem that I was in full denial about. I tried the best I could but before long became too much and I started having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. When I went into my doctor he ran a lot of tests and told me although unusual at my age, my thyroid was very low and he started me on the various medications. Finally we found synthyroid was what worked best and we stuck with that up until recently. I divorced my first husband and remarried five years later to a really nice man. We get along pretty well most of the time but sometimes I feel like running for my life.”

"This is the third P-Perpetuation. Buried deep in your unconscious mind are large amounts of traumas some painful, some threatening and others filled with loss or rekindling of old negative feelings and beliefs. Although you have some conscious awareness of what these stem from an undeniable axiom of healing is – you’re never upset for the reason you think! When the core issues have been taken from the unconscious portion of your mind and brought into consciousness, the hidden nature of the real seed of discontent will be removed. The key is awareness of what is buried beneath your current consciousness. It’s like having a garden filled with weeds, you can quickly create an appearance of a well groomed lawn just by mowing it, yet after a few days the weeds will once again pop up as the underling roots are still there. Unless you dig beneath the soil (your conscious mind) and pull the roots completely out (the unconscious traumas you have forgotten) the weeds (your negative symptoms) will return. This is why in 1954 the AMA authorized the use of hypnosis as an approved modality of healing. As helpful as medications and talk therapy have been over the years, it was often discovered that over time the symptoms returned or found a different way to demonstrate themselves.

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