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Thyroid and your Biography

How the Accumulation of Unexpressed Thoughts and Feelings Can Cause Low Thyroid

By Dr. Brian Sheen

Updated December 13, 2003

Dr. Brian Sheen is a best selling author, lecturer and is the Director of The Quantum Healing Center in Delray Beach, Florida. An expert in neuro-linguistic programming, transpersonal hypnotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, and a wide-range of spiritual psychotherapies, in this article, Dr. Sheen explores a hypnosis and spiritual therapy-based approach toward thyroid treatment.
Cynthia was upset when she first came into my office. She felt she was so out of touch with her body that she finally decided to explore the possibility that there was more to her thyroid condition than what was being diagnosed by her medical practitioner. "It seems like I'm on a rollercoaster. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was tired, often depressed and very moody," she said with exasperation.

"These are common symptoms of an underactive thyroid," I commented.

"Yes, I know this now, and for a number of years my Synthroid prescription seemed to help me have more energy. Even my hands and feet felt warmer. But, still I was very moody despite all the tests done and the medications tried. You name it and I've tried it."

"It's excellent to see your conviction to be well. A determined mind is the most important ingredient in healing," I said.

"But that was before when my thyroid medication failed me. Apparently I had built up such a resistance over the years that even that medication failed to help me anymore."

"The body is a very complex system of organized intelligence that interacts with your emotional and mental states to seek a homeostasis. It seeks balance to ensure its own survival. Your brain has some 10 billion cells each with a potential of 20,000 connections operating at lightening speed in conjunction with your mind. It is not uncommon for your system to readjust itself to prevent a perceived artificial interference from damaging its natural immune and biological defenses," I explained.

"Exactly! This is exactly what brings me here to you today. I realize there must be something deeper inside me that caused this to occur which is not merely of a physical nature. A friend of mine gave me Dr. Deepak Chopra's book, Quantum Healing where he speaks about the powerful mental mechanisms of consciousness that can be instrumental in healing many illnesses that have not fully responded to medication. When I passed by your offices last week and saw your centers' sign Quantum Healing I felt that this was some type of synchronicity. It was no coincidence that I had just been at my doctor that morning and he wanted to try me on a new combination of drugs including Zoloft."

I gently smiled at Cynthia Yes, it is amazing how the universe can send us certain messages if we have our eyes open and are willing to listen to the signposts which surround us. I named my healing center after that very book because after thirty years of working with the mind/body connection for healing, I felt Dr. Chopra epitomized the medical alternative way of thinking better than anyone. I have spent thirty-two years working and researching in this field and it seems at last the recognition of the power of the mind to heal itself and the body was at last acknowledged. There are many people like myself who have spent their lifetime traveling the unconventional roads without seeking the approval of the mainstream medical community. Many renowned physicians as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Carl Simonton, Dr. Candace Pert and hundreds more have strayed from their allopathic roots in search of a deeper mind body connection. The dominance by the pharmaceutical industrial complex has dictated the direction of health care due to the dependence by medical doctors for research funds. Our health care system has been organized to create long term annuities for drug companies who have exerted too much control over the insurance companies in the claims they are willing to pay. Preventive health care and healing the conscious and unconscious psychological factors that maintain chronic illnesses are either barely reimbursed or ignored altogether.

Smiling herself now Cynthia chimed in. "Great, it seems like we're both on the same page so where do we begin?"

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