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Your Emotions and Stress

Ideas on Managing Chronic Disease


Updated December 13, 2003

Therapist Andrea Maloney-Schara, LCSWA, who practices in the Washington, DC area, researches and practices according to Family Systems Theory, which was developed by psychiatrist Murray Bowen as an outgrowth of his research at the National Institutes of Health.

According to Andrea, some key factors on how people with chronic illness, and their family members, can more effectively manage stress and emotions as part of an overall effort for enhanced wellness are:

  • The ability to be more open, valuing "neutral and constructive thinking and speaking," about what one can and can not do will often make a big difference in living with a chronic disease.
  • Presuming that the family is told and given the true facts about the challenges that they will face and knowing what you are up against create a family plan about who is willing to take responsibility for what.
  • It's more thoughtful and calm when people write things to one another first rather than trying to talk out in the open when people are all ready raw with emotions.
  • Say to yourself I will let myself worry about this problem for ten min., after those no more worry time for today
  • Change your home by putting up visual remainders: pictures from vacation spots, friends, dreams, or any thing that sparks a visual positive mood around the house
  • Creat a positive mood with music and flowers
  • Find a spot to meditate
  • If you want to pursue therapy, find someone that you are comfortable with. You should be the one in charge. Therapy should not be a mystery
More detailed information on Andrea Maloney Schara's innovative ideas about how people with chronic illness can more effectively manage stress is featured in [link url=http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/scharastress.htm]an in-depth online interview.

Andrea Maloney Schara, LCSWA
Web site: www.ideastoaction.com
Georgetown Family Center
4400 MacArthur Blvd. #103
Washington, D.C., 20007
Phone: 202-965-0730

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