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15 Ways to Feel Well and Live Well With Hypothyroidism

Ways 6-10


Updated May 16, 2014

#6: Keep Track of Your Own Records, and Test Results -- It Could Save Your Life

With today's 10-minute doctor's appointments, and revolving door HMOS, and with the population moving more frequently, it's absolutely essential that you keep track of your own health records and thyroid test results.

Find out why this is so critical to your health, and how to do it. #7: Get Inspired by Learning How Others Have Achieved Success

Dozens of people have shared their success stories here at the website, talking about how they've gotten successfully diagnosed, found the perfect doctor, regained their energy, and lost weight. There's so inspiration and motivation to be found in these compelling stories.

Read them now! #8: Learn the Best Ways to Take Your Thyroid Drugs

Do you know why you shouldn't take your thyroid medicine with calcium-fortified orange juice. Or why not to take calcium supplements at the same time as your thyroid hormone? How and when you take your thyroid hormone may be making your drugs less effective.

Learn more now about the best ways to take your thyroid drugs, and what interactions to watch out for #9: Learn How to Manage the Stress of Chronic Disease

Having a chronic condition like hypothyroidism can be stressful. And stress can make the condition worse.

Find out how to break out of this Catch-22 situation and more effectively manage stress, as an important part of feeling well. #10: Try a Mind-Body Technique Like Yoga

Mind-body techniques like yoga and tai chi can actually reduce the body's stress hormones, and some practitioners believe they can help your hypothyroidism.

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