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Hashimoto's Disease/Hypothyroidism
Guide picks
Web links about hypothyroidism - an underactive thyroid - including the condition Hashimoto's Disease, which can cause hypothyroidism, and other situations that cause hypothyroidism, such as radioactive iodine treatment (RAI), surgery, and antithyroid drugs.

Thyroid Disease 101: The Starting Place
Overview of information about thyroid disease, including diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms Checklist
A checklist of symptoms to use in getting or finetuning your hypothyroidism diagnosis.

15 Ways to Feel and Live Well With Hypothyroidism
If you are hypothyroid -- whether due to surgery, radioactive iodine treatment, or Hashimoto's disease -- here are 15 of the best ideas that can help you feel your absolute best!

HELP! My TSH Is "Normal" But I Think I'm Hypothyroid
A look at your next steps including defining the "normal" range with your doc, antibody testing, TRH testing, and drugs beyond T4 therapy and where to find a doctor to help.

6 Questions To Ask Your Dr & Understanding the Answers
When hypothyroidism sets in after RAI or thyroidectomy, or you're diagnosed as hypothyroid due to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, here are six critical questions you really should ask your doctor, and help interpreting your doctor's answers!

Hypothyroidism--Common Questions & Answers Post-Diagnosis
If you're newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism, this article answers the common questions you are likely to have, including i how long before you feel better, fighting fatigue and weight gain and more. Is Your Hypothyroidism UNDERtreated? Find out if too high or low a TSH or a lack of T3 hormone is preventing you from feeling well

Is Your Hypothyroidism UNDERtreated?
Find out if too high or low a TSH or a lack of T3 hormone is preventing you from feeling well

How to Tell If You Are Hypothyroid
Step-by-step guidelines on how to tell if you are hypothyroid.

Thyroid Test Values Chart
Chart that helps you interpret TSH levels and other lab values and whether they point to hypothyroidism.

T3 Drugs Improve Quality of Life!
Major groundbreaking research reported 2/11/99 in the New England Journal does complete about-face on current thyroid treatment! You CAN feel better this research shows how!

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