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Famous People w/Thyroid Conditions
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Information about famous people with thyroid disease, including Tipper Gore, Gail Devers, Rod Stewart, Kim Alexis, George and Barbara Bush, Joe Piscopo, and others.

Gail Devers: Hurdling Thyroid Obstacles For Olympic Gold
Graves' Disease patient, high-profile thyroid spokeswoman and Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter Gail Devers has broken an American record in her successful bid for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team for the Summer Olympics in Sydney. Find out more about this outstanding athlete and the hurdles she's successfully faced, both on the track and off.

Thyroid Advocate and Champion Sprinter Gail Devers Drops Out
Devers' injury keeps her out of 100m Olympics finals, missing third chance at medal in hurdles.

Tipper Gore Thyroid Growth Removed
Vice President Al Gore's wife has suspicious nodule removed and evaluated for potential thyroid cancer.

Olympian Gail Devers Testifies Re: Thyroid Misdiagnosis
Gold medal winner talks about years of not being diagnosed with Graves' disease, and need for better public reporting of medical errors.

Rocker Rod Stewart Has Thyroid Surgery
The raspy-voiced rocker undergoes surgery to remove a suspicious thyroid nodule.

George Bush
President Bush's Graves' disease story, from the Thyroid Society.

The Gail Devers Story
Brief version of Gail Devers' story, from Gland Central.

Kim Alexis
Interview with supermodel Kim Alexis about her hypothyroidism.

Isaac Asimov's Thyroid Cancer Story
A thyroid cancer survivor's profile of Isaac Asimov and his thyroid cancer.

Carl Lewis
Olympic athlete Carl Lewis, on his hypothyroidism, from the Thyroid Society.

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