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Free Menopause Brochure


Updated May 22, 2003

menopause brochure
Nearly two million women will turn 50 this year and many of them have questions about changes that may be happening to their bodies.

Fortunately, the National Institute on Aging (NIA) has some answers for them.

The brochure, Menopause: One Woman's Story, Every Woman's Story-A Resource for Making Healthy Choices can help answer a woman's questions about what to expect as she approaches menopause, how to handle the symptoms, and what to do to maintain her health in the decades after menopause.

"In the past, women have often looked upon the time after menopause as a period of poor health and waning abilities. Research has shown that this may not have to be true," said NIA Director Dr. Richard J. Hodes.

For your free copy, call 1-800-222-2225; TTY 1-800-222-4225. Ask for Department MB.

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