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What is the Impact of a High Fiber Diet?


Updated June 19, 2006

Question: What is the Impact of a High Fiber Diet?
Answer: Given that many people on thyroid replacement therapy are fighting an additional battle to lose weight, high fiber diets are also an issue. Anything that affects your digestion speed or speed of absorption of items into the stomach can have an effect on your absorption of thyroid hormone. Since high-fiber diets can, ahem, speed things up a bit, they are known to inhibit absorption for some people. So, should you forget about eating high-fiber? Absolutely not!!! Since the benefits of fruits, vegetables and a high-fiber diet are known, again, the issue here is consistency. If you are already eating a high-fiber diet regularly, and have regular TSH testing done, your dosage level is appropriate for you, given your diet. If you are starting a new regimen of eating high-fiber, plan to get tested around six to eight weeks after you change your diet, to make sure you're receiving the proper amount of thyroid hormone. But be consistent. Don't jump around, or you'll have erratic absorption, and that can wreak havoc on TSH levels...AND how you feel! But again, taking your thyroid hormone first thing a.m. on an empty stomach, and waiting at least an hour to eat, will ensure maximum absorption, whatever your diet is!

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