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How To Find a Top Thyroid Doctor


Updated June 14, 2003

If you want to find the best possible doctor to diagnose and treat your thyroid disease, follow these steps.
Time Required: 5

Here's How:

  1. If you must choose from a pre-approved health plan list, ask the plan administrator if there's a directory of doctors and their qualifications.
  2. For referral to a conventional endocrinologist, contact the Thyroid Foundation of America at 1-800-832-8321.
  3. For a board-certified endocrinologist, look for the initials F.A.C.E. -- Fellow, American College of Endocrinology.
  4. For more holistic thyroid disease diagnosis and management, consider an osteopathic physician, known as a 'D.O.' Contact the American Osteopathic Association at 800-621-1773 for a referral.
  5. Search for a doctor at the About Thyroid Top Doc Directory. This directory features American and international doctors recommended by other thyroid patients, organized by state and country.
  6. Ask at the About interactive Top Thyroid Doctors Forum. You can request top thyroid doctor recommendations by state or country.
  7. Schedule a brief pre-appointment phone or in-person consultation to discuss the doctor's approach to diagnosis, management, and treatment of thyroid disease.


  1. The Thyroid Foundation of America will refer you to conventional endocrinologists, who will typically rely on the more ore conventional diagnostic procedures and treatments for thyroid disease.
  2. Osteopaths and holistic physicians frequently make a diagnosis using diagnostic tests, plus other tests, signs and symptoms. They are more likely to work with alternative treatments and drugs.

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