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10 Thyroid Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making


Updated June 23, 2014

10 Thyroid Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making
3. Failing to see the bigger picture of autoimmune disease.

Few doctors warn Hashimoto's or Graves' disease patients that they face a higher risk of developing other autoimmune conditions such as Sjogren's Syndrome (dry eyes and mouth), or Raynaud's Syndrome (tingling, numb hands and feet), or rheumatoid arthritis (aching, painful joints and muscles). There are almost 100 different autoimmune conditions, and there are things we can do to help prevent, avoid, heal and even cure some autoimmune conditions.

2. Providing little support or guidance for weight loss.

Some physicians will tell you that hypothyroidism has nothing to do with weight gain, and that after RAI or thyroid surgery, or after a hypothyroidism diagnosis, you won't gain weight. This is absolutely wrong, and has even been proven by respected research. If your doctor can't help, we can!

See Weight Loss Information Center

1. Failing to be a caring partner who believes you can and should feel truly well again.

You can't make the wrong doctor into one who cares, is open-minded, and who is your partner in wellness. So there's a time when it's best to make a decision to move on to a practitioner who is right for you. Your first stop? The Thyroid Top Doctors Directory.

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