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Finding & Dealing with Doctors
Guide picks
How thyroid patients can find top thyroid doctors, and how to deal with doctors for thyroid treatment, including information on the "Thyroid Top Doc Directory," and the best way to get optimal treatment for thyroid disease from your doctor.

The Thyroid Top Doc Directory Best of the Net
A site featuring state-by-state and international Top Doc listings, plus tips on how to find a top doc.

Do You Need an Endocrinologist?
Should you see a specialist for a second opinion, or when you're still not feeling well despite treatment?

Getting What You Need From Your Doctor
Don "Doc Don" Michael, M.D. talks about the challenges of thyroid care in this interview. An innovative physican, hypothyroidism himself, Doc Don offers his compelling and heartfelt look at how you can get the best from your doctor -- and why you don't deserve any less.

Top Thyroid Doctor Forum
An interactive forum to exchange information about good doctors to treat thyroid disease around the world.

What's WRONG With These Doctors?
A look at doctors' insensitivities and hostilities to thyroid patients, and the reasons for this.

Save Your Own Life: Managing Your Thyroid Disease
A look at the importance of keeping health data and test results, including an interview with Marie Savard, M.D., author of "How to Save Your Own Life: Dr. Savard's Nine Steps to Getting the Healthcare You Really Need."

What Makes a Top Doc?
A look at what characteristics make a doctor a Top Doc, and an opportunity to contribute your own ideas.

The "Petite Papier" Club for Empowered Patients
Some doctors refer to patients who come to appointments with notes and folders as "petite papier" ("little papers") women. Find out how to best deal with doctors, and even share those petite papiers, to ensure the best possible relationship.

What Are They Teaching in Medical School
"Hey doc, I'm tired, gaining weight, cold, depressed, and have a gigantic lump on my neck..." "Hmmm, you're depressed, stressed, or maybe PMSed!" A look at why thyroid disease diagnosis is so difficult.

David Elfstrom's "How to Talk to Doctors" Best of the Net
The best article on the subject, with guidelines on how/why to keep health records; being assertive and not aggressive; and why NOT to bring notes to the doc's office.

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