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Satietrol: Another Tool in the Thyroid Diet and Weight Loss Battle?


Updated December 03, 2003

by Mary J. Shomon

February 2001 -- A product called Satietrol (pronounced: suh-tie-it-trawl) may end up being a useful tool in the arsenal of weapons thyroid patients can use to lose weight. Satietrol, which comes in single-serving envelopes, is a powder that you mix with water. Satietrol is designed to activate and extend your body's natural appetite control mechanisms. The theory behind the product is that after you eat a large meal, especially one high in fat, you have a feeling of fullness -- you're satiated. This feeling of fullness is caused by a protein called cholecystokinin -- or CCK -- that is released in the small intestine when you eat. CCK, which some have called the "feel full" protein, works, according to its manufacturers, in three different ways to help you eat less and lose weight.

  1. Acts on nerves in the lining of your stomach, which tells your brain your stomach is full.
  2. Slows the movement of food from your stomach so you feel full longer.
  3. Works directly on the appetite control centers in the brain.
CCK is the body's "master controller of appetite." After you eat, your body stops releasing CCK, so you can become hungry again. Based on this research, Satietrol was designed to maintain levels of CCK longer, to make someone taking the product feel satisfied with less food and feel less hungry between meals.

Satietrol is made from potatoes, and comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. Each packet of Satietrol has 80 calories, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 3.3g of fiber.

The manufacturers suggest that you drink Satietrol "10 to 15 minutes before eating a sensible breakfast, lunch or dinner." According to the manufacturers, in clinical trials, Satietrol was shown to:
  • decrease hunger up to 35%, 3.5 hours after eating.
  • produce an average weight loss of almost 9 pounds in 6 weeks.
  • decrease appetite, and this effect was maintained and even enhanced with continued use.
  • decrease food consumption up to 43% in a second meal consumed 3.75 hours later.
Satietrol is available at GNC stores, and at various online retailers, including [link url=http://www.drugstore.com]Drugstore.com, among others.

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