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How to Keep Exercising and Keep it Exciting! 17 Tips from Thyroid Patients

Suggestions and Tips Guaranteed to Motivate Your Workouts!


Updated May 23, 2014

How to Keep Exercising and Keep it Exciting! 17 Tips from Thyroid Patients

Exercise doesn't have to be boring for thyroid patients

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by Mary J. Shomon

In my newsletter, I mentioned that I found myself getting bored sometimes working out on my home treadmill. I asked if anyone had any good tips on how to not get bored exercising at home. The good advice poured in from fellow thyroid patients who have mastered the art of regular workouts!! The advice was too good not to share with everyone who, like me, might need a little extra push to get the exercise done!

I'm sure that you'll find some inspiring and practical ideas in these wonderful suggestions, just as I did!

1. Get a Good Tape, Follow the Progress, and Use a Trainer

"I have been exercising regularly for the past four or five years and the key for me is having a GOOD tape to watch. When I am engaged in a tape, the half hour flies by. Also, I use exercise equipment where I can measure my progress and compete against my acccomplishment/record from the previous day. That is more motivating than merely using a machine which does not give feedback. And last, I hired a personal trainer for a few sessions to help me better understand strength training exercises. So now I am confident that my time is being utilized effectively. I have added variety to my routine."

2. Hire a Trainer to Motivate You!

One reader hired a personal trainer, and I can't imagine slacking off when you are paying a dedicated trainer to help you work out. Our Exercise guide has great advice on how to choose a personal trainer.

3. Use Great Music, and Work Out With Friends!

"I have never been one to enjoy exercise. Ever. Even as a child, once I hit puberty it was a chore to move around. However, in 1992 I lost 80 pounds, and it was clear that part of remaining healthy was moving. I use a treadmill several mornings a week, and it helps me to use new age meditation music with headphones, thus making my walking time a time of walking meditation. Three mornings a week, I meet friends that I otherwise do not have time to nurture a relationship with--we have set that time aside to both walk together and as our special friendship-nurturing space. That means I keep 3 neat people in a good central space--otherwise, I would not have that opportunity. Knowing I have someone to meet at the park at 5:45 am on Tuesday and Thursday, someone I will ENJOY walking with, gets me moving. On Wednesday, I meet a friend at a mall (she hates being outside if it is dark!), and that is fun, too--it ALMOST makes me look forward to the exercise. And it does provide a nice afterglow, both physically and emotionally."

4. Rebound!!

"In your latest newsletter you asked for information about exercise that isn't boring. After years of jogging, step aerobics, exercise machines and walking I have finally come up with an exercise that is fun and really works without much effort. I ordered a rebounder off of the internet and I love it. A rebounder is a mini trampoline. I costs about $250, which is less than a treadmill and is more effective. Best of all it is like when you were a kid and jumped on your bed. Don't waste your money on the $30 ones that they sell in the discount stores. They are not the same quality. Here is the site I ordered it from: http://www.rebound-aerobics.com."

5. Listen to Books on Tape

"For boredom, a very real problem, several suggestions: I have found, and others agree, that walking outside, where your feet make contact with the earth (sort of) is better for you then a tread mill. So, when possible, walk outside. In either case, try a Walkman, with tapes of music you like, or even more distracting, books on tape. They are wonderful. If you don't like the reading voice, of course, it doesn't work. Get a bunch from the library, and just listen to the ones you like. You will be amazed how quickly time goes by when your mind is sharply engaged. I find, for instance, when I have to stand a long time doing a job, and my legs get tired, and my body is restless and annoyed, if I put a tape on, I relax, do the job, and don't mind much at all."

6. Concentrate on the Results

"Hi, I'm hypo and started exercising six days a week about five months ago. I am up and at the wellness center by 6:15 a.m. I've never been one to hold to an exercise routine, but I've seen so many positive results that I've stuck with it. Getting up and getting it over is one of the great things. I'd always find excuses not to go later in the day. And I've not experienced the lethargy in the afternoons that I used to. I think exercise for hypothyroidism can have some really positive results."

7. Do the Body For Life Routine

"Approximately 17 weeks ago I started Body for Life. One of the great things about his workout (Bill Phillips..the author) is, although you work out 6 days a week..its not as tough as it seems. Your cardio is 3 days a week...for 20 minutes, then weight training 3 days a week for no more than 50 minutes. The beauty of it is...you do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), i.e. 3 minutes warmup (I also use a treadmill) increase 1 min, increase again 1 min, increase again 1 min, for 4 cycles then on your last cycle, the 18th minute you reach for a 10...the max you can do, then 1 min cool down..Sooo ...you are constantly changing, no time for boredom..also with this type of training you burn more calories "after" the workout than a normal boring walk....If you are at all interested check out his website www.bodyforlife.com. I love this workout and it's extremely structured.

8. Walk Outside Instead of Inside!

"I too am not a great exercise fan, and did the treadmill for years. Then It broke and the new ones were so expensive I decided to walk outside each morning for 45 minutes instead. I actually ENJOY doing this and try to never miss. I live in a beautiful wooded area so no matter what the season it always looks wonderful. Something about being outside invigorates me and since it is hilly here, I feel like I get a great workout. Try getting outside for some brisk walking and see if that helps your exercise routine."

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