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Exercise for Thyroid Patients

Home Exercise to Help Hypothyroid Patients Get Fit and Lose Weight


Updated June 03, 2014

XXXL. Woman exercising at home doing push ups.
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by Mary J. Shomon

If your physician has given you the okay to begin a new exercise program, the best way to kick-start your metabolism and reduce insulin levels is to get into a regular exercise program. For only 40 minutes, 3 times a week, the Ultimate Thyroid Exercise Program doesn't even require any extra equipment, just sneakers and a watch, and a willingness to get moving to lose weight and get healthy.

Based on sensible exercise approaches, this program will...
  • help you set an easy starting pace
  • you pick the activity…walking, dancing, biking, rowing
  • only spend 1 minute of a 20 minute workout at your maximum pace
  • spend the next twenty minutes doing leg raises, lunges, and push-ups at your pace
More detailed information on this workout and instructions on how to correctly do the exercises is featured online, in this detailed exercise guide.
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