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The Woman’s World Article Recapped

The New Thyroid Cure -- May 20, 2003

By Dr. Ken Woliner

Updated June 03, 2014

Coconut palm tree
The article’s cover says, under the title "The New Thyroid Cure," that there are "2 miracle foods that will: restart your sluggish thyroid, make your body melt unwanted fat, and triple your energy!”

The first miracle food they claim will help lose weight is protein in general. Here, they cite Cristina Saralegui’s weight loss, after switching to a diet the limited the amount of starchy simple carbohydrates, with more emphasis on lean proteins (like fish).

Second, they claim that "regular consumption of coconut oil effectively reverses hypothyroid problems, compensating for a slowed metabolism and other system failures as it stimulates the production of more and more thyroid hormone." They quote a few women who claimed that weight just "melted off" when they added large amounts of coconut oil to their diet.

Reprinted with permission. Article originally published online.
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